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Fote China Makes Profession Classical

Henan Fote Machinery Ltd. (FTM) is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise mainly engaged in the production of heavy machinery. It has three large-scale manufacturing plants now. FTM company is located in Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, covering an area of 350,000 square meters. It has 260,000 square meters of standardized heavy industrial buildings, more than 600 large and medium-sized equipment and 2,300 online employees. Among them, there are over 360 managerial staff and technical personnel with medium-and high-grade titles.

With scientific management , advanced manufacturing technology and innovative manufacturing concept, Fote Machinery has rapidly become the mining machinery manufacturer and exporter in China.

Present Our Outlook

Present our outlook

Present our outlook

In order to manifest Fote machinery’ s strength, show our outlook, we summarize some essence from the following aspects.

  • Our employees are hard-working and intelligent and about 90% of them own a college degree and professional literacy.
  • Our characteristic products, such as the Crawler-type mobile crushing station, adopting the hydraulic system to finish the mountain mining working.
  • Engineers draw up the plan for our customers, provide them with detailed information and various alternatives, and make comparative analysis on many aspects so that customers could experience the best service through the overall trade-offs,and choose the best solution for themselves.
  • After-sales service, including product delivery, installation, debugging, maintenance, on-site service, etc. It is very responsible for consumers.
  • Our technical staff can offer technical training and part of the installation instruction for free, while the entire installation instructions fees will be charged correspondingly.
  • In order to call on the idea of environmental protection, we advocate our green and organic products, and help customers programme the ideal industrial site, through some artificial renewal and utilization, to achieve the ideal results of customer satisfaction.

Foreign Cooperation

The fierce market competition drives FTM Company to build a global strategy. Nowadays FTM is actively promoting technological and management innovation, optimizing overseas business models and fostering a high-quality and inter-disciplinary team of talents who can adapt themselves to the rapid change of global market


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