Toothed Roll Crusher

Toothed Roll Crusher

Roller diameter (mm) : 600 - 1200

Roller length (mm): 500 - 1500

Max. Feeding size (mm): 200-500 to 800-1050

Motor model (kw): 11.5×2 - 55×2

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Toothed Roll Crusher

Toothed roll crusher is widely used in coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, and it is more suitable to crush coal in large coal mines or coal preparation plant so that it also can be called coal crusher. Toothed roll crusher has high crushing capacity. The distance between the rollers can be adjusted by hydraulic pressure. Bearing of the toothed roll is of centralization lubrication. What's more, it has optimal design, high efficiency, uniform grain and costs low energy.

Protecting device: Motor is connected with the speed reducer by the hydraulic coupler to avoid dynamic overload. Sensor overload protection is quite reliable.

Working Principle of Toothed Roller Crusher

 Working Diagram of Toothed Roll Crusher

Working Diagram of Toothed Roller Crusher

Toothed roller crusher has the component of a pair of toothed metal roller. When it works, the two rollers rotate to opposite direction. The materials fall into the space between the rollers and are crushed.

Fote Toothed Roll Crusher

The crushing tooth of Fote toothed roll crusher is in special spiral layout. It is convenient to discharge the qualified grain and reduce the quantity of tooth roller which bear the pressure together so that it is in favor of crushing large materials, improving crushing efficiency and prolonging life expectancy.

Toothed Roll Crusher
Fote toothed roller crusher price is quite reasonable and the quality is guaranteed. If you want to know more detailed information, you can send an e-mail or leave a message. We'll always at your service.

Characteristics of Toothed Roll Crusher

Toothed roll crusher is suitable to crush raw coal in coal mine, coal preparation plant and other industries.(Less than 30% gangue in the raw coal is allowed). Toothed roll crusher is also applied to crush other brittle materials whose hardness is similar with raw coal's. It has the characteristics like high efficiency, long life expectancy, fully sealed, low noise, uniform grain, etc.

Technical data:

Model Roller diameter
Roller length
Max.Feeding size(mm) Discharging Size(mm) Output
Motor model
Total weight
Dimensions (L×W×H)
2PGC600  ×500 600 500 200-500 25-125 46-60 11.5×2 5500 2450×1800   ×950
2PGC600  ×800 600 800 300-600 300-150 80-120 18.5×2 9800 4500×1900  ×1350
2PGC800 ×1050 800 1050 500-800 30-150 100-160 22×2 12600 2550×2050  ×1100
2PGC900  ×900 900 900 600-900 30-150 150-200 22×2 13500 2780×4100  ×1550
2PGC1015 ×760 1015 760 700-950 30-200 150-200 45×2 18000 2780×3200  ×1980
2PGC1200 ×1500 1200 1500 800-1050 30-200 200-300 55×2 52000 8010×4500  ×2050

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