Magnetic Separator

Magnetic Separator

Shell diameter (mm): 600 - 1500

Shell length (mm): 1200 – 3000

Shell rotation speed (r/min): <14 - <35

Feeding size (mm): 2-0 to 3-0

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Introduction to Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator is a kind of equipment that separate magnetic metals from other impurities according to the magnetic characteristics of the metal materials. Magnetic separator is widely used in resource recycling, timber, mining, ceramic,

 chemical and other fields, and is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, pyrhotite, roasting ore, ilmenite, and other materials with particle size less than 3mm. In addition, magnetic separator is used to de-iron for coal, non-metal ore and building materials. So we can say that magnetic separator is one of the most widely used machines.

Magnetic Separator

Classification of Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separators are in various types and mainly classified into magnetic drum separator , wet magnetic separator, dry magnetic separator, iron ore magnetic separator, ring-type high-intensity magnetic separator and wet type high-intensity magnetic separator.

Application of Magnetic Separator

Many kinds of minerals can be separated by magnetic separator like manganese magnetite, limonite, hematite, siderite, ilmenite, wolframite, manganese ore, manganese carbonate, metallurgical manganese ore, manganese oxide, iron ore mine, kaolin, rare earth ore, etc. so that magnetic separator is also known as hematite beneficiation plant and iron ore beneficiation plant. The magnetic separator uses the magnetic force and mechanical force affect the ore particle to conduct separation. Ore particle with different magnetism moves in different track so that two or several products can be separated.

magnetic separation

Magnetic separator

Application Examples

1. Purification of fine grained clay minerals (kaolin, bauxite, and so on): remove dyeing of fine weakly magnetic impurities in the clay mineral particles (Fe2O3, TiO2); 2. Reduction of Fe2O3 content in quartz, feldspar, barite; 3. Reduce the content of copper in molybdenum concentrate; 4. Coal ash removal of sulphur; 5. Selection of rare-earth minerals, beach placer and other useful minerals; 6. Continuously remove abrasive particles in lubricating oils and lubricating oil recovery and recycling; 7. Liquid filtration in chemical, apparatus and oil industry; recycling and purification catalysts and other useful items; 8. Feeding water and condensate filtration in nuclear power stations and thermal power plant; 9. Purification of industrial waste water and domestic sewage.

Technical data:

Model Shell diameter
Shell lenght
Shell rotation
Feeding size
Processing capacoty
CTB6012 600 1200 <35 2-0 10-20 1.5
CTB6018 600 1800 <35 2-0 15-30 2.2
CTB7518 750 1800 <35 2-0 20-45 2.2
CTB9018 900 1800 <35 3-0 40-60 3
CTB9021 900 2100 <35 3-0 45-60 3
CTB9024 900 2400 <28 3-0 45-70 4
CTB1018 1050 1800 <20 3-0 50-75 5.5
CTB1021 1050 2100 <20 3-0 50-100 5.5
CTB1024 1050 2400 <20 3-0 60-120 5.5
CTB1218 1200 1800 <18 3-0 80-140 5.5
CTB1224 1200 2400 <18 3-0 85-180 7.5
CTB1230 1200 3000 <18 3-0 100-180 7.5
CTB1530 1500 3000 <14 3-0 170-280 11

Solutions and Case

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Grinding Plant

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Active Lime Plant

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