Raw Material Mill

Raw Material Mill

Production Capacity: 4.5-210t/h

Motor power: 130-3550kw

Total weight: 25.8-476t

Applied materials: cement, Portland products, new building materials, refractories, ceramics, glass, etc

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Brief Introduction to Raw Material Mill:

Raw material mill uses large caps, end caps and hollow shaft for the whole cast, and the feed system uses a unique streamlined design, reducing ventilation resistance, increasing the effective volume and increasing mill production. Raw material grinding mill has single-silo structure and mill liner, which can grind materials for different stages in different liner structure, greatly improving grinding efficiency. 

Raw material grinding machine's working pressure is negative pressure, effectively preventing the occurrence of leakage. Dry-hot wind for high temperature kiln exhausts gases into the wind, and the grinding process is undertaking in insulation.

Raw Material Mill

Working Principle of Raw Material Mill:

Raw material mill usually uses edge driving way, materials are continuous and uniformly sent to the raw material mill by feeding machine, and the motor of reducer leads the tube body of raw material grinding mill to rotate. Materials firstly enter into the first grinding warehouse along hollow axis, be crushed by steel balls in tube body. Final products with qualified size will be discharged from the raw material grinding machine; while unqualified products will go back into the raw material mill for grinding again, until their fineness is qualified.

Classification of Raw Material Mill:

1. Common raw material mill is suitable for medium and small scale, commonly used for grinding out selected powder-circuit grinding systems.
2. Air swept mill. Its features are short and rough, and the wind speed of grinding warehouse can be up to 5m/s, so hot air can enter into it, thus it's with strong drying capacity.

Technical data:

Product specification
Milling form Transmission form Gear box Motor power
Production capacity
Total weight
Model Speed reduction ratio
Φ1.5×5.7 Open flow Brim ZD40 3.55 130 4.5-6 25.8
Φ1.8×6.4 Open flow Brim ZD60 4.5 210 7.5-15 43
Φ2.2×6.5 Circle flow Brim ZD70 5 380 14-26 60
Φ2.4×7 Circle flow Brim ZD70 5 475 24-28 81
Φ2.4×10 Circle flow Brim ZD80-4-LL 6.44 570 32-36 118
Φ2.6×10 Circle flow Brim JDX710 6.3 800 45-50 130
Φ3×9 Open flow Brim JDX800 6.3 1000 55-60 158
Φ3.2×9 Circle flow Brim MBY900 7.1 1250 62-65 195
Φ3.5×10 Open flow Brim JDX900 5.84 1250 70-75 200
Φ3.8×7.5 Circle flow Brim JDX900 5.6 1600 80 233
Φ4.6×10+3.5 Circle flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.1 3550 190 415
Φ4.6×10.5+3.5 Circle flow Central shaft JQS3550 15.1 3550 210 476

Solutions and Case

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