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Three-Drum Dryer

The three-drum dryer is upgraded into an efficient and energy-saving equipment based on the single-drum rotary dryer, mainly used for drying sand.
Capacity: 25-30t/h

Three-drum dryer can also be called sand dryer. The three-cylinder dryer is mainly used for drying materials in a certain humidity and particle size range, such as yellow sand, slag, cinder, small-grained clay, and other small particulate materials that can resist high temperatures.

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Brief introduction

FTM heavy machinery produces the three-drum dryer based on the original single-drum dryer, prolonging the pre-drying and drying time for wet material. Besides, it seals well, preserves heat, and equip reasonably. The production capacity of the dryer is 48-80% higher than that of the original single-cylinder dryer. The evaporation capacity per unit volume can reach 120-180kg/m3, and the standard coal consumption is only 6-8kg/t. It has advanced technology, reasonable operating parameters, simple and feasible operation, and is widely used in slag, clay, and coal in various industries.

Production site

Structure of the three-drum dryer

The three-drum dryer is made up of three layers of sleeves: internal, middle and external one. Both the internal and middle drums are two-dimension ones and the external drum is a vertical one, which makes the most use of the drying drums. The three-drum dryer’s drum length is 25%-35% of the monocular dryer’s, thus decreasing the covering area of the machine.

The three-cylinder dryer is used to shorten the outer dimensions of the drying body by changing the single cylinder of the single-cylinder dryer into three cylinders that are stacked together. When the machine is working, the material and the hot air flow are put from the inside to the outside. After the Z-shaped reciprocating, the hot air flow is used to dry the material and then discharged.

The drum part of the dryer is composed of inner, middle and outer drums that are coaxially placed , which makes the cross section of the cylinder fully utilized. The overall length of the drum is about 30-35% of the single drum, thereby greatly reducing the floor space and plant floor area.

The supporting device of the machine is a wheel belt and a supporting wheel on the outer cylinder, and the motor directly drives the supporting wheel. The cylinder rotates through the friction between the roller and the wheel. The overall structure of the machine is compact, reasonable and simple. In order to facilitate the repair and replacement of the wear parts, the middle part is designed to be axially split and bolted to the joint.

Applied materials

The three-cylinder dryer is mainly used to dry granular materials in a certain humidity range, such as yellow sand used in the dry mortar industry, various sand with specifications for the foundry industry, blast furnace slag for building materials and cement industry, small particle size clay, small particle materials that do not change chemically, can resist high temperature in chemical industry.

The material entering the dryer is not stuck to the wall and the lifting plate. The temperature of the gas entering the dryer should not be higher than 750 degrees Celsius. If there is special requirement for high temperature drying, the inner tube and the lifting plate at the entrance of the dryer can be made of heat-resistant plates.

In addition, the three-drum dryer can handle iron powder, mineral powder and other mixed materials, as well as can dry fly ash, slag, sand, coal, iron powder, ore, blue carbon and other materials.

Applied materials


1.The dryer is scientific, reasonable, efficient and energy saving. The inner tube hot air flow alternates in the form of radiation, convection, and conduction, and is exchanged in the outer tube for heat exchange for conduction and convection. The dryer has high thermal efficiency and remarkable energy-saving effect. After testing, the thermal efficiency greatly exceeds the level of 50% of the traditional dryer. After the equipment is put into production, the coal saving effect is remarkable.

2.The machine adopts the material and hot air flow downstream drying process, and has wide application. It can dry various raw materials such as clay, coal, slag, iron powder, etc. It is also suitable for drying various bulk materials in metallurgy, chemical and other departments. It is placed horizontally, using the support wheel, canceling the large and small gear transmission.

3.The external surface area of the machine is 30% less than that of the single-cylinder rotary dryer. The outer cylinder can preserve temperature and reduce heat loss, which greatly improve labor environment and working conditions while saving energy.

4.According to the moisture and requirements on capacity, the appropriate speed is used to ensure the next process can be continue. Automatic temperature monitoring system makes the operation easier.

One of advantages for the three-drum dryer

Working principle

When the three-drum dryer is working, its drying drum rotates slowly with the inner cone drum filled with materials and hot air entering from the small end. Then materials flow to the middle drum and to the external drum successively. During this procedure, materials exchange heat with the hot air, thus realizing the drying purpose. As materials remain inside the drum for a long time, so the drying effect is perfect.

The three-drum dryer is running


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