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Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is use to reduce the sizes of different ores, which is widely used in the field of mining.

Jaw crusher is used as the primary crusher for the ores and rocks with different hardness. Since the advantage of large crushing ratio, big crushing force, easy to maintain, low failure rate, it is suitable choice for the mining industry.

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How many types does the jaw crusher be divided?

Jaw crusher has been updated for three times. There are different types of jaw crusher. The primary jaw crusher was researched and developed as the PE jaw crusher.In order to improve the quality of the jaw crusher, our company actively introduced advanced technology from German to produce a German version of jaw crusher (HD) with larger crushing ratio and higher output capacity. After researching from the market and the feedback from users, FTM machinery developed the European version jaw crusher(CJ).

Comparing with the HD jaw crusher, the CJ has more advantages. It is assemble by the non-welded structure,so it’s easy to disassemble and transport. Besides, a motor is installed at the end of the machine. Therefore, the CJ jaw crusher has been popular among the majority of users.In addition to the jaw crusher, we also have the mobile crusher and crusher plans.

HD jaw crusher VS CJ jaw crusher

HD jaw crusher VS CJ jaw crusher

How does the jaw crusher work efficiently?

1.Excellent casting engineering. Jaw crusher is made up with rack, seesaw, side guard, eccentric shaft, transmission. The eccentric shaft, made of high carbon steel, is the core part of the jaw crusher and has a large bending torque. The seesaw simulates the two movements of the animal to complete the material crushing operation.

2.High production capacity. We use oversized bearings and forged spindles, design low suspension motion mechanism to achieve the larger crushing ratio. It has the deep cavity to crush efficiently.

Steep nip angle reduces wear on the jaw mold and accelerates material flow down the chamber, which reduce the operating costs. The stroke is enlarged from top to bottom, causing it to be the longest at the bottom of the cavity, which increases capacity and reduction ratio. Therefore, the jaw crusher can process the raw material highly in various operations.

3.Easy operation and low failure rate.The jaw crusher is designed in a modular manner and can remotely monitor and adjust the settings of the feeder, crusher and conveyor. They can be installed in a few days, saving installation costs. It was equipped with lubrication system, so it’s easy to work and maintain.

4.Environmental protection. Gasket type discharge adjusting device, large range of discharge adjustment, can meet various processing requirements of customers.

5.High wear-resistant tooth plate for longer maintenance intervals and cost savings.
How much capacity can the jaw crusher process?

Jaw Crusher is used in the first process of crushing various mineral rock with compressive strength not higher than 320MPa. Such as the Pebble, calcite, granite, quartz, concrete, dolomite, bluestone, iron ore, limestone, construction waste, etc. Because of its different materials, the jaw crusher can be called the rock jaw crusher, concrete jaw crusher, gold jaw crusher and so on.

Different raw materials

Raw material that the jaw crusher can process

Customer case1

Its main material is the river pebbles, and the finished products are used for local hydropower infrastructure construction. The three-stage project which includes the jaw crusher, cone crusher and sand maker to process the pebble, among which the jaw crusher is used for the primary machine.The pebble can be crushed into the medium granularity one time.

River pebble

River pebble crushing site 1000t/h

Customer case2

The Granite is very hard, so the requirement on the wear resistance of the machine is very high.We recommend the big jaw crusher HD125 950*1250 to crush firstly,which can reduce the cost. Then, the cone crusher crushes further and the sand maker will shape particularly and evenly. This guarantees the quality of the finished product.


Grainte crushing site 150 T/H

How to power a jaw crusher?

When the jaw crusher is working, the movable jaws periodically reciprocate the fixed jaws, moving up and down. When approaching, the material is crushed by crushing, splitting, and impact between the two jaws.When leaving, the broken material is discharged from the discharge port by gravity.

Working principle of the jaw crusher

Working principle of the jaw crusher

How to maintain the jaw crusher?

1.Keep the jaw crusher clean. What we should note is that the impurity such as dust can’t be into the lubricant system and parts. On the one hand, the impurity can damage the lubricant film and the machine will loss the capacity of lubrication.On the other hand, the impurity itself is a kind of abrasive material and it will accelerate the consumption of the jaw crusher to shorten equipment’s life.

2.Cleaning the filter of the lubricating oil with gasoline regularly. Then, we can use it until it is completely dry.

3.Changing the lubricant every six months.

Parts service

To extend the life of the jaw crusher and reduce your losses, we can provide you with the supporting machining parts like frame part, seesaw, bracket, crusher, lubrication system etc.

How much the jaw crusher?

To the jaw crusher price, it depends on your model choice. The model choice is dependent on your project information like raw material, feeding size, discharging size and capacity demand. If you want to know the jaw crusher price, pictures or specification PDF, please let our worker know on Contact-us Page.


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