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Bucket Elevator

The bucket elevator is used for the hoisting from low places to high places. The raw material is put into the hopper through the vibrating table, then the machine will convey the material continuously and automatically.

Bucket elevator conveyor is used to carry things from lower to higher. Materials are cast into hopper by vibrating stage and carried upwards automatically.

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Introduction of bucket elevetor

The bucket elevator is used for the hoisting from low places to high places. The raw material is put into the hopper through the vibrating table, then the machine will convey the material continuously and automatically. It can carry much raw material from low to high. The hight can be adjusted according to the different speed of the bucket elevator.

The bucket elevator is a continuous conveying machine that uses a series of hoppers on uniform consolidation and endless traction members to vertically lift materials. It can be divided into three kinds of bucket elevators: chain bucket elevator, plate chain bucket elevator, and belt bucket elevator. The bucket elevator parts are upper casing, drive shaft parts, reducer, coupling shaft, motor and so on.

The elevator used in the field of mining is generally a bucket elevator, which is a piece of fixed conveying equipment. It is suitable for conveying the small powder, granular and abrasive material, such as coal, cement, stone, sand, clay, ore, etc.

The elevator’s traction mechanism is the circular chain, materials with higher temperature can also be conveyed. In addition to this, the bucket elevator can be widely used in various feed mills, flour mills, rice mills, oil factories, starch factories, grain warehouses, ports, and other bulk materials.

Bucket elevator

Characteristics of bucket elevator

1.Low drive powder. Adopt flow type feeding, induction unloading, and large volume hopper make it there is no feeding back and packing so that there is less reactive powder.

2.Large elevating range. Bucket elevator has little demand for materials’ type and characteristics except it cannot convey powder or small particle materials. And it can convey large particle materials; well sealed; less pollution.

3.Stable performance; advanced technology and processing method ensures the stable operation and the failure-free time is over 20,000 hours; high elevating height; stable operation makes it possible to elevate high.

4.Long life expectancy. Bucket elevator adopts flow feeding so that there is no need to use the hopper and there is no collision among the materials. Design of Fote bucket elevator ensures that there is less loss when feeding and unloading to decrease the abrasion.

Different kinds of bucket elevators

Precautions of the bucket elevator

1.Before the start of bucket elevator, please check its the drive device. The inspection also includes the fastening of driving drum and the lower tensioning device and the bolt connection of drum; lubrication and tensioning conditions of the machine.

2.The elevator should be started without load, and can only be fed after the elevator runs normally. Similarly, please ensure that the internal materials of the equipment have been processed completely before parking. The on-load startup or on-load shutdown of the equipment will seriously damage the equipment itself and reduce its production efficiency.

Working principle of the bucket elevator

At work, the bucket elevator hopper scoops the materials from the storage below. As the conveyor belt or chain is lifted to the top, it bypasses the wheelset and turns down to pour the material into the receiving tank. Bucket elevator belt generally use rubber belt, installed in the driving drum and change the drum of the upper and lower.

Chain bucket elevator generally equipped with two parallel transmission chain, on or below a pair of driving sprocket wheel, under or above is a pair of diversion sprocket wheel. The bucket elevator is usually equipped with a casing to prevent dust from flying in the bucket elevator and reduce environmental pollution.

Price of the bucket elevator

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