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Ultrafine Grinding Mill

Ultrafine grinding mill is mainly used to process the non-flammable and explosive minerals that Mohs hardness is below 9.3, and humidity is less than 7%.

The ultrafine grinding mill can be used to process Mica stone, barite, bentonite and other materials in the building materials industry, cosmetics, medicine, chemical industry and other industries.

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What is ultrafine grinding mill?

The ultrafine grinding mill machine is designed by our company experts based on many years of production of industrial grinding mills and fluid mechanics principles. Superfine powder production line usually consists of hammer crusher, bucket elevator, storage bin, vibrating feeder, micro powder grinding machine, frequency conversion classifier, air powder collector, pulse dust removal system, high-pressure fan, air compressor, electrical apparatus control system and others.

The size of processed material can reach 800 meshes. It can adjust the discharge granularity flexibly. Meanwhile, it has effectively solved the problem of the high cost of airflow grinding for domestic ultra fine powder. The powder grinding mill can not only work separately but also can cooperate with other auxiliary milling equipment, such as crusher, feeder, hoist, etc. to form a complete grinding production line for the systematic treatment of various materials to be ground. There are two kinds of grinding mills in FTM company, one is the dry grinding mill, and another is the wet grinding mill. You can choose the proper one you need.

Ultra-fine grinding equipment includes feeding device, moving end bearing, rotating part, main bearing at discharge end, discharging device, bearing lubrication device, gear device, transmission device. A mixture of acceptable fines and hot air is fed into the cyclone, where the fines are separated from the hot air.

Model 4525 4119
Feeding Size(mm) ≤30 ≤25
Output Size(mm) 0.173-0.044 0.173-0.044
Shift Output of Different Material Fineness(t) 16-176 8-78
Rotation Speed of Central Shaft(r/min) 82 105
Main Motor(kw) Y315M-4-132 Y280S-4-75
Fan Motor Y315M-4-132 Y280S-4-75

Appliable materials of micro powder grinding mill

Ultrafine grinding mill machine is mainly used to process the non-flammable and explosive minerals that Mohs hardness is below 9.3, and humidity is less than 7%, such as sand, quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, talc, ceramic, marble, granite, dolomite, bauxite, iron ore, barite, bentonite, coal gangue, coal, gold, etc.
Appliable materials of ultrafine grinding mill

Appliable materials of ultrafine grinding mill

Features of ultrafine grinding mill

1.The feed size is large and the discharge size is fine. The feed size is larger than common mineral grinding mill, and its discharge size can reach 800 meshes, which common grinding mill can not achieve.

2.Low energy consumption and high capacity. If the capacity and fineness are same, the system energy consumption of the ultra-fine mill is only one-third of that of the jet mill. Under the circumstance of the same fineness of finished product, the output of ultra-fine mill can be about 40% higher than other milling equipment.

3.Strong grinding ability. Compared with another type of grinding mill, the rolling capacity of the grinding roller on the material can be increased by 800-1200kg under the action of the high-pressure spring.

4.Long service life. Under the same circumstance of material and granularity, the roller and ring of micro powder grinding mill can process the material more evenly, which prolongs its service life. Its service life is 3-5 times higher than other milling equipment.

5.Environmental friendly. The overlapping multi-stage grinding device makes the ultra-fine grinding machine very tight. When the equipment is operating, accompanying with the use of pulse dust collector and muffler, the noise and the vibration is small, which effectively reduces dust pollution and noise.
Ultrafine grinding mill

Ultrafine grinding mill

How does a ultrafine grinding mill work?

Large size rocks are put into the storage bin through the hoist, and they will be evenly delivered to the host grinding chamber by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder. The material entering the grinding chamber is scooped up by the blade and crushed between the grinding roller and ring. The fan blows the wind into the grinding chamber, then the wind blows the powder into the analyzer, and sorts it.

If the size of the finished product is not standard, it will be fell into the grinding chamber again. While the qualified fine powder will enter the finished cyclone collector with the airflow. After the fine powder is separated from the air and discharged from the discharge port, which is a finished product. The air returns to the fan from the upper return duct, and the air path is cyclic, and it flows under negative pressure.

Working principle of ultrafine grinding mill

Factors that affects the discharge size of ultrafine grinding mill

1.Rotating speed of the main engine. When the rotating speed is too high or too low, the coarse powder or fine powder will be transferred to the powder outlet prematurely, which will affect the fineness of the material. Therefore, we should control the electric current to adjust the rotating speed.

2.Rotating speed of the fan. When the ultrafine grinding mill is working, the rotating speed of fan determines the strength of the wind. When the grinding material is light, if the wind is too strong, some powder that has not been thoroughly ground will be blown into the dust collector. On the contrary, if the material is too heavy, the wind is small, which will affects the quality of the finished material. Therefore, it’s important to control the rotary speed of fan.

3.Wear degree of the grinding roller and ring. When the ultrafine grinding mill is in normal operation, the grinding roller and the ring will not be directly contacted. As the use time increases, the wear of the grinding ring is also increased. If the material is not fully ground, the fineness of the finished product will be affected and the coarse particles will increase.

Ultrafine grinding mill for sale

If you have project to invest on, the ultrafine grinding mill is prepared for you. Among the grinding mills manufacturers, FTM Machinery is a company manufacturing various of new types of grinding mills, among them the ultrafine grinding mill also has many models, which can meet the customer’s different demands. If you are interested in, please leave your message on the message board.
Ultrafine grinding mill production site

Ultrafine grinding mill production site

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