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Mobile Vsi Crusher

Sand maker: VSI-8518 VSI-9526 VSI-1140
Discharging belt conveyor: B800×2.2M B800×2.5M B1000×2.5M
Belt conveyor under vibrating screen: B800×7M B800×8M B1000×8M

Mobile VSI sand maker (impact crusher) is a mobile vehicle sand making equipment. Mobile vertical shaft impact crushing and screening plant belongs to crushing station which is mainly composed of sand maker (impact crusher), vibrating screening machine.

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Introduction to mobile VSI sand maker(VSI impact crusher)

Mobile VSI sand maker is a mobile vehicle sand making equipment. Mobile VSI crusher, also called wheel mounted mobile VSI crusher, has passed the ISO certification and is used for construction concrete, sand stone crushing.

mobile vsi sand maker

Semi-finished mobile VSI impact crusher

Compared with the traditional fixed sand making machine, the mobile VSI sand maker can work flexibility and doesn’t need piling. The transfer does not require disassembly and assembly equipment, and it has a small footprint. It is suitable for sand making operations with strong fluidity and narrow environment. There are tire and tracked two maneuver configurations.

Mobile VSI sand maker can single work to replace the “Four in one” sand making production line. For example, the mobile heavy hammer sand making machine integrates the four functions of feeding, sieving, sand making and conveying. It can well coordinate with strong mobility, can be directly opened to the site for sand processing. Besides, the mobile feeder, mobile crusher, and mobile vibrating screen together, multi-units are connected into a mobile sand production line, which not only produces higher output but also can be applied to more kinds of materials.

Mobile vertical shaft impact crushing and screening plant belong to crushing station which is mainly composed of the sand maker (impact crusher), vibrating screening machine, belt conveyor, electrical control device and so on. For mobile crushing station, there is also rubber-tired mobile vertical shaft impact crushing plant and wheel-mounted mobile vertical shaft impact crushing plant.

Mobile vertical shaft impact crushing and screening plant are mainly used to process the materials need moving in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, water and electricity, and other industries. Fote Machinery can supply you with different types of the mobile crushing station.


Mobile VSI sand making machinery

Working principle of mobile VSI sand making machinery

When the mobile VSI sand making machine is working, the feeder, crusher, and vibrating screening cooperate. Firstly put the rock material into the crusher to be broken, and then qualified rock materials will be put into the sand making machinery for further crushing. Finally, the qualified stone products are discharged by the discharging device, and the parts not up to standard are returned to the machine for further processing. During the whole production, the mobile VSI sand maker equipment is driven by the all-wheel so that it can transfer direction in site with the advantages of configuration standard, reasonable and high-security performance.


Stone crusher sand making machine

Classification of mobile VSI sand maker (impact crushing) plant

Standard mobile vertical shaft impact crushing plant

Characteristics of standard mobile vertical shaft impact crushing plant: large crushing ratio and crushing capacity; PE series high efficiency crushing equipment; Integrated high efficiency vibrating screen and belt conveyor; integrated installation of belt conveyor below the screen; steering axis to facilitate road transport; car mounting supporting device makes it convenient to install equipment on the site; integrated vehicle motor and control box.

Closed-circuit mobile impact crushing plant

Closed-circuit mobile impact crushing plant: Closed-circuit mobile impact crushing plant is dominated by VSI impact crusher (VSI sand maker) and single machine equipment configuration. It can take advantage of its closed-loop of their returns. Integrated automatic; its onboard includes transportation screening and independent crushing. Closed-circuit mobile impact crushing plant is widely used to crush and screen in road and bridge construction, city building, metallurgy, energy, and other industries.

Mobile vertical shaft impact crushing and screening plant is equipped with high efficiency impact crusher with the advantages like high crushing ration; comprehensive function; great product quality; light and reasonable structure design, great crushing performance. Stable and reliable quality assurance, maximum range meets the coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening of material requirements for the vast number of old and new customers, establishing a good reputation for quality, not only mature technology, easy operation and maintenance, but also volume, particle size and abrasion with good safety and reliability, integrated unit easy to install and maintain reasonable, making the machine more durable and high working efficiency.

Sand making machine production line

Oil and electricity power system of Mobile VSI crusher

With applications in crushing all kinds of natural stones like limestone, river pebble, granite, basalt, construction wastes like bricks, road concrete and steel concrete, etc, as well as raw materials of coal mine and mineral mines, etc, mobile vsi crusher also named mobile vertical shaft impactor is quite popular in 2019 by virtue of the oil and electricity power system.

This system of mobile vertical shaft impactor crusher aims at improving the high-quality production of crushed sands and aggregates, as well as effectively saving the production cost.

1)diesel generator with high performance of mobile sand making machine drives the self-equipped generator to generate electicity.

2)all parts of mobile rubble shapping machine (VSI crusher) are driven by electricity, and utility ratio of diesel is improved up 20% than that of hydraulic driving system.

mobile vsi crusher

oil and electricity power system of mobile VSI crusher

3)failure rate of oil-electricity power system is much lower than that of hydraulic power system. The formal system is easier and more econmical to be maintained.

4)if situation allows, the mobile vertical shaft impactor plant can connect the mains supply and the cost can be reduced at 60%.

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