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Spiral Classifier

Spiral diameter (mm): 300 - 14300
Spiral rotation speed (r/min): 3.2 - 30
Trough length (mm ≤): 3000 - 14300
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Spiral classifier is also called screw classifier. The spiral classifier is widely used in the beneficiation plant to form a closed loop with the ball mill to split the ore or to classify the ore and fine mud, grade the slurry during the spiral classifier mineral processing, and dewater in washing operations.

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Brief introduction to gravel spiral classifier

The spiral classifier belongs to the beneficiation equipment. It is mainly composed of a transmission device, a spiral body, a trough body, a lifting mechanism, a lower bearing (bearing bush) and a discharge valve. The spiral classifier can process the material like gold, sand, etc. Since the specific gravity of solid particles is different, the rate of precipitation in the liquid is different. The spiral classifier is used to treat alluvial sand ore, especially suitable for useful minerals.

The monomer has high dissociation and flatness. Spiral classifiers are mainly classified into high weir single and double spiral classifier, low weir single and double spiral classifier, and immersed single and double screw classifier. Nowadays, low weir type one is not very common, high weir type and immersed type are preferable.

The spiral classifier is widely used in the concentrating plant to be equipped with a ball mill to form a closed-loop cycle split ore, or used in the gravity ore dressing plant to classify ore and fine mud, to grade size of the slurry in the metal beneficiation process, and the deliming and dewatering operations in the washing operation. The gravel spiral classifier has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation and convenient operation.

Spiral classifier

Applied fields of screw classifier

1.Superfine classifying of various powder materials; impurities removal; scattering.

2.Classify the superfine powder and nanometer powder with coarse particle; classify the viscous materials, with high adhesiveness, difficult to separate and low rate of mobility.

Working principle of the spiral classifier

The classifier is based on the principle that the solid particle size is different and the specific gravity is different, so the sedimentation velocity in the liquid is different. Fine ore spill out of the water, and the coarse ore particles will be sank to the bottom of the tank and finally pushed up by the screw.

It can filter the powder ground in the ball mill. The coarse material is screwed into the mill feed port by the spiral rotary vane, and the filtered fine material is discharged from the overflow pipe. The base of the machine is made of channel steel, and the body is welded by steel plate. The screw shaft has a water inlet head, a shaft head, and a pig iron sleeve. It is wear-resistant and durable. The lifting device is divided into electric and manual.

Working principle of the spiral classifier

Advantages of Fote spiral classifier

1.Low energy consumption: compared with a vertical spiral classifier, the horizontal spiral classifier can reduce by 50% energy consumption under the same processing quantity.

2.High efficiency: compared with vertical and horizontal type screw classifier, working efficiency can improve by 50% under the same processing quantity.

3.High precision: high degree classifying rate to eradicate there are too large particle and screening residue in the final product

4.High productivity: productivity of the large type of machine can reach to 50t/h.

5.Abundant structure: according to different special demands, there is a special classifying structure.

6.It can create the closed-cycle or open-cycle system with ball mill, Raymond mill, impact mill, airflow mill, and other equipment.

7.Negative pressure production: no powder pollution and do good for the environment.

8.High automatic; stable operation, easy to operate.

Spiral classifier production site

Spiral Classifier Technical Parameter

Model Processing 
Overflow For 
FG-3 80-150 20 1.1 ---- 0.7
FG-5 135-210 32 1.1 ---- 1.9
FG-7 340-570 65 3 ---- 3.1
FC-10 675-1080 85 7.5 ---- 6.2
FG-12 1170-1870 155 7.5 2.2 8.5
FC-12 1170-1870 120 7.5 2.2 11.0
2FC-12 2340-3740 240 15 4.4 17.6
FG-15 1830-2740 235 7.5 2.2 12.5
FC-15 1830-2740 185 7.5 2.2 16.8
2FG-15 2280-5480 470 15 4.4 22.1
2FC-20 7780-11880 640 22-30 6 48.7
FG-24 6800 580 15 3 26.8
2FC-24 13700 910 37 8 67.9
2FG-30 23300 1785 40 8 73.0
2FC-30 23300 1410 ---- ---- 84.8
Model Processing 
FG-3 80-150 20
FG-5 135-210 32
FG-7 340-570 65
FC-10 675-1080 85
FG-12 1170-1870 155
FC-12 1170-1870 120
2FC-12 2340-3740 240
FG-15 1830-2740 235
FC-15 1830-2740 185
2FG-15 2280-5480 470
2FC-20 7780-11880 640
FG-24 6800 580
2FC-24 13700 910
2FG-30 23300 1785
2FC-30 23300 1410

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