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Vibrating Screen

Screen Layers: 2 - 3
Screen area (㎡): 6 - 57.6
Screen size (mm): 4-50 to 5-100
Processing capacity (m³/h): 8-60 to 230-800
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The vibrating screen is able to separate stones and sand with different granularities in the sand making production line or the stone crushing plant.

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Introduction to vibrating screen

The vibrating screen is able to separate stones and sand with different granularities in the sand making production line or the stone crushing plant. The vibrating screen is also called rock screener.

The vibrating screen, also named stone screening machine, is a new type of high efficiency vibrating screen with a multilayer structure. The circular vibrating screen adopts the cylinder type eccentric shaft exciter or the eccentric block to adjust the amplitude, which realizes the long dripping line of the screen and various screening standards. Vibrating screens are suitable for the industrial departments including quarry, coal dressing, ore dressing, construction materials, electric power, and chemical engineering to finish the product screening and grading.

Vibrating screen

Working principle of circular vibrating screen

We all know that the vibration screens for stones and sand are widely used to team up with different kinds of crushing machines. But the important thing is that we’d better know how does vibration sieves work so that we can correctly use and maintain them. The eccentric block of the vibrating screen’s exciter is driven by the motor via the triangle belt to rotate at high speed.

The rotary eccentric blocks produce a great centrifugal force which forces the screening box to move in circles with certain amplitude. Materials on the leaning screen surface are impacted to continuously do casting or throwing motions. Small particles pass through the screen holes when meeting the screen surface, thus completing the separating process of the circular vibrating screen.

Working principle of virating screen

Operation and maintenance of circular vibrating screen

The circular vibrating screen should be started with no materials on the mining screen surface and materials can be fed once the screen runs stably. Before we shut down the machine, we should first stop feeding materials and make sure that the materials are discharged clearly on the screen surface. Users should observe the operating condition of the vibrating screen while it’s running. If there is abnormal case or sound appearing, users must shut down the machine immediately to find out the reasons and remove the trouble.

Vibrating screen manufacturer in india

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