Expanded Clay Aggregate Production Line In Ethiopia

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Expanded Clay Aggregate Production Line In Ethiopia

Processing materials: powdered coal ash, coal gangue, tail mineral slag, etc.

Production capacity: 180-500 t/h

Equipments: jaw crusher, ceramic ball mill, spiral classifier, rotary kiln, raw material mill, single cylinder cooling machine, vertical vibrating screen, pulse dust collector, etc.

Production situation

Expanded clay aggregate production process includes mining, primary crushing, secondary crushing, screening, staging, feeding, sintering, finished product classification and screening, stacking and transportation (bag). The production process has high strength, light weight and strong mortar absorbability, and buildings made by expanded clay aggregate can reduce weight about 30 ~ 35% , save steel about 20 ~ 50% and increase using area about 5%.

Expanded clay aggregate has many advantages, such as strong overall structure, thermal insulation, energy-saving environmental protection, sound insulation, fire prevention, corrosion resistance, convenient operation and maintenance, economic operation, safe and reliable operation, especially good shockproof performance.

Aggregate crushing Production Line In Ethiopia

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