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Dry Mortar Production Line

Introduction and Construction

Dry mortar production line is also known as complete configuration of dry-mixed mortar production and automatic dry mortar mixed production line. It is mainly composed of bucket elevator, premixed warehouse, small stock bin, mixing machine, product bin, packaging machine, dust collector, electric control cabinet and Gas-phase equilibria system. Large amount raw material like cement after being measured can be conveyed into premixed warehouse by bucket elevator and for the small amount and precious materials like cellulose and rubber powder after being measured by electronic scale will be conveyed into additive hopper. Compared with the simple type, dry mortar production line is more advanced because after being mixed by the mixing machine, there is valve bag packaging machine or open bag packaging machine to make automatic measurement and packaging.
Dry Mortar Production Line

Dry Mortar Production Line


Dry mortar production line can be classified into simple type, semi-automatic type and full automatic type.
Simple type dry mortar production line is mainly composed of agravic mixer, dry powder stock bin, spiral packaging machine and so on.


1.Dry mortar production line consists of digital sensor, digital junction box, and dry mortar smart meters (computer terminal and LSD are optional).

2.The weight of mortar material storage tank and the status of feeding material and material lacking can be monitored.

Working Principle:

A pair of counter-rotating main bearings drive impeller rotates and cast the material according to a certain angle to the dimension. The particle is in weightlessness situation as long as it is in the space flow layer. The centrifugal force and gravity offset each other, (Material density difference in weightless situation has no influence for blending uniformity) and blend into each other’s area thus creating a flowing weightless zone in the middle layer and there is vortex around the main bearing. On the bottom, there is a material flow translation layer where the materials move along the axis on the bottom. Under the radial force and axial force, materials move in three-dimensional way to create full cycle and reach the goal of evenly mixing.

The already mixed products go through the air-open gate and immediately into the product bin to conduct buffering and storage. Product bin and packaging machine are through the soft connector into the measuring and packaging. Large yield clients can add belt conveyor after the packaging machine to convey the product to the final product area or the truck.

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