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By: Vaedy Xiao October 08, 2019 Last Updated :November 12, 2019

How to Avoid Gold Mine and Coal Mine Accident?

The mining industry is one of the most important economic sources of all countries. It contributes to all aspects of life, from jewelry and cosmetics to daily necessities, to aerospace and defense technology. However, the number of deaths due to mine accidents accounts for a large proportion of the total number of deaths in the world. This is a distressing result.

What can we do to effectively prevent mine accidents?

First, in general, it happens because of complex geological conditions, poor operating environment and threatens from various disasters such as collapse, permeable, ground pressure and high temperature of goaf.

Second, illegal production behavior. There are a large number of accidents triggered by illegal mining behavior. For example, in China, the death toll caused by illegal mining accounts for 48.9 % of the total number of accidents and 49.7 % of the total number of deaths.

Third, mining enterprises do not seriously take their responsibility for sufficient safety investment. What’s more, many small gold mine manufacturers with poor capacity, innate design or lack of formal design, mining technology, cannot guarantee safe production;

Fourth, the lacking of gold mining technology supports to oversight the hidden dangers of investigation and treatment of technical problems;

Fifth, poor safety quality and safety awareness. The “three violations” phenomenon is serious. The number of deaths due to violations of operating procedures and labor disciplines accounts for an average of 30.89% of the total number of deaths in metal mines.

Sixth, gold mine emergency rescue work is still a weak link. Poisoning and asphyxiation accidents were caused by blind rescue and improper disposal.
Right measures to prevent mine accidents

Right measures to prevent mine accidents image from google

Measures for preventing gold mines or coal mines disasters

1.Perform a systematic analysis of the terrain and surrounding environment before mining. Avoid the appearance of collapse and water seepage in the absence of analysis.

2.Do not violate the rules of production, which means people should get a mining certificate before starting the gold mining process. The mineral cannot neglect any lives of workers just for own benefits.

3.Choose safe, high-tech mining equipment. Both concrete crushers and the beneficiation equipment should focus on the people-oriented, safe and reliable concept to ensure personnel and production safety and efficiency. With the continuous development of technology, many well-known manufacturers, such as Henan Fote, have been born to help customers to conduct on-the-spot investigations and develop suitable solutions for customers to choose and reference, and to provide safe and high-quality mining machines.
environmental protection ore beneficiation machine

Fote Machine ore beneficiation site demands safe operation and eco-friendly

In addition, the gas explosion is also a major scourge for human life.

the cause of the gas explosion

Gas explosion characteristics

According to the statistical analysis of coal mine gas explosion accidents for many years, we can find the following characteristics:

1.A gas explosion is mostly a major accident, causing huge losses;

2.Accident sites occur mostly in coal mining and tunneling face;

3.The damage scope of the gas explosion is extremely large and the destructive power is extremely strong;

4.High gas mines and low gas mines occur mostly caused by a spark;

5.Gas explosions mostly occur in township coal mines;

6.Infrastructure construction, technical transformation mines, and converted mine gas explosion accidents are prone to occur, etc.

Analysis of the cause of the accident

Gas explosion accidents in coal mines are caused by many reasons, but in general, they are divided into objective reasons and subjective reasons. The subjective reason is the existence of gas accumulation and detonation of fire source; objective reasons are related to natural conditions, safety technology means, safety equipment level, safety awareness, and management level. Gas explosion accidents are often caused by the interaction of the above reasons.

(1) The existence of gas accumulation
There are many reasons for the accumulation of gas in coal mines, but the unreasonable ventilation system and poor local ventilation management are the main reasons for gas accumulation. For example, in China, in the 34 large gas explosion accidents in 2005, 22 cases were mainly due to unreasonable ventilation systems, short-circuiting of wind currents, multiple series, and circulating winds, resulting in insufficient gas flow at the wind supply site, causing gas accumulation;

(2) The detonation of the existence of fire source
The fire sources of coal mines have blasting sparks, electrical sparks, frictional impact sparks, static sparks, and coal spontaneous combustion. However, sparks from blasting and electrical equipment are the main source of fire accidents. For example, among the 34 large gas explosion accidents in 2005, 16 were detonated by sparks generated blasting; 15 accidents were caused by electrical equipment and power line sparks.

(3) Poor mining conditions
China’s underground coal mining conditions are generally poor, especially in southern coal mines. According to statistics, in 2000, a total of 580 mines in state-owned key coal mines were identified in the gas ranks, including 160 high gas mines, 298 low gas mines, 122 coal and gas outburst mines, and 372 natural fire mines, accounting for 64%. There are 427 mines with coal dust explosion hazards, accounting for 73.6%.

(4) Insufficient preparation and management are not implemented
The mine safety equipment configuration is insufficient. For example, in the 41 large gas accidents that occurred in 2005, some mines did not have a gas monitoring system installed or operated abnormally. Some mines installed a gas monitoring system, but the number of sensors was insufficient, the installation position was wrong, the line was faulty, the displayers do not display data and other issues, and can not effectively play its due role. In addition, the large gas accidents in township coal mines are not equipped with gas drainage systems or pumping systems that cannot operate effectively.

(5) Low management level
Many accidents found that illegal operations or improper management caused some accidents that could have been avoided, but did not attract attention, resulting in a super gas explosion. Therefore, the management level and the safety awareness of employees have played a pivotal role in the long-term safe production of coal mines.

(6) Enterprise technology management is weak
Some coal mining enterprises are backward due to coal mining methods, unreasonable mining layout, and imperfect ventilation systems. In addition, the operation procedures are not in line with reality, and the pertinence is not strong, which brings serious hidden dangers to safety production.
gas explosion cause people dead

image from https://www.azomining.com/gas explosion cause people dead

technical measures to control gas explosion accidents

The prevention and control of gas explosion accidents can be divided into the prevention of explosions and suppression of explosions. Explosion prevention mainly includes: optimizing ventilation network so that preventing gas accumulation, conducting gas drainage, strengthening gas concentration and fire source monitoring, preventing the occurrence of ignition source, etc.; suppressing explosion mainly by using explosion-proof explosion-proof device to limit gas explosion to within a certain range, thereby reducing the losses caused by casualties and disasters.

Preventive measures for gas explosion accidents

Mine gas drainage technology

  • Gas drainage is an important means to reduce mine gas emission, prevent gas explosion and prominent root cause measures, and to develop and utilize gas energy and protect the atmospheric environment.

  • In order to improve the gas drainage rate, it is mainly necessary to solve the long drilling directional drilling technology, including the inclination measurement and rectification technology to improve the drainage rate of a single low permeability coal seam and develop a drilling tool with stronger drilling capability. It is also helpful to improve reaming technology, slagging technology, acupoint technology and sealing technology.

Mine gas concentration and fire source monitoring technology

Real-time automatic monitoring of mine gas concentration and fire source is very important to prevent the gas explosion. When gas is found to be abnormal or fire source is generated, measures can be taken immediately to prevent the occurrence of explosion accidents. China has developed KJ90, KJ92, KJ94, KJ95, KJ73, KJ66 and other mine safety monitoring systems, as well as various types of detection sensors, alarms, and power-offs.
people use detector to monitor the gas concentration

people use detector to monitor the gas concentration

Prevention and control of underground fire source

In addition to explosive safety inspection, electrical explosion-proof inspection, friction spark inspection, We need to prevent fire sources accumulate gas at the same place, such as detecting gas concentration when shooting, using wind power lock, gas lock, and other measures.

Optimizing the ventilation network and ventilation system

A reasonable and reliable ventilation system is an important measure to prevent gas accidents and control the expansion of disasters. For this reason, gas prevention and mining projects must be designed, advanced, and put into use at the same time.

The prevention and control of gas explosion accidents is a systematic project of coal mine safety work. In addition to perfecting reliable safety equipment, reasonable and feasible technical means and taking effective measures, it is also necessary to strengthen safety management and safety supervision, especially the training of employees’ safety awareness.

Only by putting safety first, we must conscientiously implement the principle of “safety first with prevention as a major, prevention and control combination” of gas control, improve various rules and regulations, and rationally increase safety investment. Gas explosion accidents and other disasters can be greatly reduced. The safety situation of coal mines can be improved, and such coal mines have better development prospects.


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