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By: Ashley July 11, 2019 Last Updated :August 10, 2019

1200t/h Aggregate Jaw Crusher For Sale

Aggregate definination

Aggregate is a kind of loose granular material which plays an essential role as the skeleton and backbone in concrete. Aggregate is divided into coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, and coarse aggregate. While the aggregate can be included the pebbles, gravel, waste slag and so on. Fine aggregate mainly means the medium and fine sand. When concrete is mixed, cement is mixed with water to form dilute paste.

If the aggregate is not added, it will not be formed and will not be able to be used. Therefore, aggregate is a very important raw material in architecture. The total volume of coarse and fine aggregate accounts for about 70% of the concrete volume, so the performance of the aggregate has a great influence on the performance of the prepared concrete.


Different size of aggregate

The aggregate with particle size less than 4.75 mm is called fine aggregate, commonly known as sand. Sand is divided into natural sand and artificial sand according to the source of production. Natural sand is formed by natural weathering, flow transport, separation and accumulation, with a particle size of less than 4.75 mm, but excluding soft rock and weathered rock particles. Natural sand includes river sand, lake sand, mountain sand, and desalinated sea sand. Artificial sand is collectively called for mechanical sand and mixed sand dealt by soil removal.

Sand aggregate plays a very important role in concrete. It acts as the skeleton of foundation, transferring pressure and compression. Even if there is no cement paste, it can support the load. Sand is mainly to fill the gap of stone, increase its density, at the same time restrain shrinkage and prevent cracking. The good concrete sand aggregate should satisfy the angle, the grain shape is appearing three-dimensional, so that each material in the concrete can bite each other, increase the building strength, improve the construction quality, so what is the excellent aggregate crushing equipment?
Different sizes of aggregate

Different sizes of aggregate

The jaw crusher for aggregate

The aggregate crushing equipment can also be roughly divided into two types according to the difference in particle size between the coarse and fine aggregate. One of them is a jaw crusher, which can break up the bulk material into stones of various sizes that we need.

Jaw crusher plantsare popular among customers. Jaw crusher is the early crushing equipment, because of its simple and solid structure, reliable work, easy maintenance and low production and construction, the jaw crusher now is still widely used in metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, electricity, transportation and other industrial sectors.

It is used for coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ores and rocks with a compressive strength of 147-245 MPa. FTM Machinery manufactured fixed jaw crushers and portable jaw crushers with different specifications, and their sizes are different. If you want to buy jaw crusher, please leave your message on our website and our manager will send you the latest quotation.
Jaw crusher for the aggregate

Jaw crusher for the aggregate

Working principle of jaw crusher

When the jaw crusher is working, the movable jaws periodically reciprocate the fixed jaws, moving up and down. When approaching, the material is crushed by crushing, splitting, and impact between the two jaws. When leaving, the broken material is discharged from the discharge port by gravity.
Working principle of jaw crusher

Working principle of jaw crusher

Highway project

Raw material: aggregate

Capacity: 800TPH

Feature: Equipped with two-way feeding system

Project Benefits

1.The overall plan is reasonable and the equipment output is up to standard. The whole jaw crusher plant adopts the combination of jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, feeder and conveyor to ensure the production requirements and the grain size. After the project is completed, the production scale has reached an annual output of 5.4 million tons.

2.Excellent product size and high crushing efficiency. The project uses a cone machine as the secondary crusher. FTM Machinery’s cone crusher has been improved a lot, with the advantages of large capacity, low energy consumption, uniform force, good sealing and clear cavity.

3.3、Environmentally friendly production lines. The pollution problems generated by the project throughout the production process are within control. Air pollution waste emissions are well below the national 30mg/m3, which is designed and implemented in strict accordance with national environmental emission standards.
Highway project production site

Highway project production site

The maintenance of jaw crusher

In order to ensure the normal operation of machine, you should maintain the machine from time to time.

1.The main contents include checking and repairing the adjustment device, adjusting the drain gap, adjusting the head-on or replacement of worn liners. Check the transmission part, lubrication system or replace lubricants in a timely manner, etc. The minor repair cycle is about 1~3 months.

2.In addition to minor repairs, it also includes replacing thrust plates, liners, inspecting and repairing shaft tiles, etc. The period of mid-repair is generally about 1 to 2 years.

3.Replace the turning eccentric and core shaft, and cast the babbitt alloy on the upper part of the connecting rod head, or replace a worn part. The cycle of overhauls is usually about 5 years.

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