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By: Vaedy Xiao August 20, 2019 Last Updated :September 10, 2019

Low-cost Three-Drum Dryer in China Fote Manufacturer Is Your Best Choice

Where does the three drum dryers apply for ?

The three-drum dryer is an important equipment for the production of dry mixed mortar, which is used for rapid dehydration and drying of aggregates such as river sand, quartz sand, silicon carbide, yellow sand, potassium feldspar, and albite. The three-drum dryer complete equipment includes: three-cylinder dryer, wet silo, disc feeder, feeding belt conveyor, heat source equipment, discharge device, dust removal equipment, discharge belt conveyor,etc. A certain amount of dust and tail gas will be generated during the sand drying process. Dust collection and tail gas treatment are not only the hard requirements of environmental protection, but also the social responsibility of enterprises and citizens.

According to different heat source drying methods, the dust removal equipment (cyclone dust collector, pulse bag filter, wet dust collector, etc.) of the sand drying system may be used singly or in combination. Dust removal equipment is of great importance to the drying system.
China Fote sand dryers are sending to India

Three-drum dryer of FTM Machinery is send to India Bombay

The three-drum dryers’dust removal system can be operated normally after being installed, commissioned, and tested. In our dehydration and drying process of sand, the maintenance work of the dust removal equipment is directly related to the work efficiency and quality of the entire sand drying system.

how to repair and maintain three-drum dryers?

How to repair and maintain the three-drum dryer machine is always the issuse people want to learn and master. When you use it to dry materials like sawdust and cement for a long time, you have to maintain it regularly. Here are tips:

1.In the sand drum drying process, the dust removal system belongs to special equipment, and special personnel management should be set up during the operation of the equipment.

2.After the test and adjustment of the dust removal equipment system, the position of the regulating valve and the valve plate shall be fixed and clearly marked, and shall not be changed at will.

3.With the operation of the sand dryer, the temperature of the flue gas of the electrostatic precipitator must be strictly controlled. It is forbidden to exceed the maximum temperature specified by the equipment to prevent deformation and ensure the normal operation of the dedusting equipment.

4.During the working process of the sand dryer dust removal system, the impeller feeder or the lock valve under the ash bucket, as well as the normal operation of the anode rapping and the cathode rapping are mainly guaranteed.

5.At the same time, in order to better ensure the efficient operation of the dust removal equipment in the sand drying system, the sand dryer equipment should be started or shut down in accordance with the driving and parking sequence between the production equipment and the dust removal system specified in the relevant regulations. Note that the dust removal system should be started before the sand dryer is started, and can be turned off after the production equipment stops running, so as to better prevent dust and other impurities from depositing in the pipeline or causing environmental pollution.

Before starting the three-drum dryer dust removal system, check the lubrication and air tightness of the rotating parts on the fan, motor and dust collector, and pay attention to the performance of the cooling and installation equipment. At the same time, it is also very important to make a corresponding diary record during the operation of the three-drum dryer, which is more able to keep track of the operation of the equipment.
three-drum dryer is drying the sand in Zimbabwe

The installation of sand dryer at Zimbabwe

Please Ensure the ventilation of the sand dryers

Ensure the ventilation of the three-drum dryer, keep abreast of the temperature inside the dryer, and add fuel according to this to achieve energy-saving drying. The sand dryer ventilation area is mainly between the dryer drying cylinder and the hot blast stove. It can use natural wind or artificial wind, and then blow the air volume into the cylinder of the dryer.

The key parts of the management exhaust are the flap valve and the flashing valve. The two parts can be operated well to ensure smooth ventilation. First of all, we must learn to judge the good or bad ventilation, which we can discern by putting wet hands to the discharge port. If the water on the hands is evaporated after a while, it means that the ventilation is good, otherwise the ventilation is not good and needs to be adjusted. Of course, this is a simpler and more effective method of judgment.

The adjustment of ventilation can be debugged as follows:

1.pay attention to the wind leakage between the flaps, especially the sealing of the dryer drum bearing parts. And prevent the slag chunks, bricks, wire and other debris from falling into plunge valve, which will cause deep winds, even obstruct the discharge or jam the flaps, and cannot be turned over.

2.Observe how much the flapping valve is cut and the size of the blanking interval, and whether it is compatible with the discharge speed of the sludge dryer. Do not store too much material in the tipping bucket to affect the discharge.
3.It is necessary to refuel the shaft oil cup on time. Screw 1~2 times per shift, and rotate the silver one button. For the flashing valve, it is necessary to observe whether the operation is flexible, whether the unloading is smooth, whether the balance hammer is properly positioned, and whether the triangular cone is in close contact with the discharge nozzle. According to the situation of ash deposition, the balance hammer can be properly adjusted. The triangular cone is usually articulated on the lever. In order to avoid the displacement of the flashing due to vibration, it can also be fixed to the lever after the alignment nozzle is aligned.

What are the uses of the slime treated by the dryer?

The moisture treated by the slime drying process is reduced from 25% to -30% to more than 13%.
The slime after drying by the sand dryer can be used in the following aspects:
1.Processing coal slime as raw material for industrial boilers or residents to use;
2.As a fuel for power plants, reduce production costs;

3.As a brick factory additive, improve the quality of bricks;

4.As a cement plant to improve the performance of cement;

5.Coal slime containing certain specific ingredients can be used as chemical raw materials.

The whole structure of three drum sryers

The bright future of the three drum dryers

In recent years, with the rising price of coal and sand , the sand dryers have become more and more popular. Because the implementation of slime drying technology has obvious economic, social and environmental benefits. The dried coal slurry can be widely used as raw material for processing coal slime coal for industrial boilers or residents; brick factory additives to improve brick hardness and compressive strength; cement plant additives to improve cement performance; Coal slime containing certain specific ingredients can be used as a chemical raw material, and it is obvious that the prospect of slime dryer will be good in the future.

According to analysts from China Fote Manufacturer, the sand or coal drying industry is an industry that has just emerged in recent years. With the innovation and improvement of science and technology, the drying process of them has been industrialized and automated. Comprehensive utilization of coal is the only way for coal companies to change their single operation, and it is the hope of the coal industry to turn losses into profits. China’s raw coal washing rate is about 30%, and the annual coal slime discharge exceeds 20 million tons. The utilization of this slime is very urgent. So, the three-drum dryer is playing the most important role in the mining industry, in which there are a lots of famous sand dryers manufactures like metso, China fote which aim to producing high quality dryers and parts like dryer drum belts and dryer drums.

In many parts of China, if the price is calculated based on the same calorific value, the actual selling price of slime is much lower than that of raw coal. Especially in some mining areas, the sales of slime are not smooth, resulting in a large accumulation. So that if the slime can be dried and degraded to make industry briquette instead of part of the self-use coal in the mining area, it can achieve local digestion, save energy, improve efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution in the mining area.


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