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By: Vaedy Xiao September 12, 2019 Last Updated :September 16, 2019

100tph Mobile Concrete Crushing Plant in South Africa

South Africa with abundant ore resources

(China-Africa Trade Research Center) South Africa has one of the most developed mining industries in the world. For decades, South Africa has been a major producer of mineral resources in the world. The mining industry has made important contributions to the construction of a large-scale infrastructure in South Africa and the development of related secondary industries. Due to its large variety of natural resources and large reserves, South Africa is a major supplier to many minerals.
mining industry of South Africa

Picture of mining and quarry industry in South Africa

According to the China-Africa Trade Research Center, South Africa is the largest iron ore resource area in Africa, and most of them are rich iron ore. According to the original ore, South Africa’s iron ore reserves of 1 billion tons, basic reserves of 2.5 billion tons, account for more than 40% of the total iron ore reserves in Africa, and 0.6% of the world’s basic reserves. Such a rich ore resource makes South Africa’s mining industry flourish, so what is the most popular ore equipment in the mining process?

What is a mobile rock crushing plant?

The mobile crushing station is a production line consisting of other equipment including mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, mobile vibrating screen, etc. It is a free-moving crusher designed with innovative technology and sophisticated technology. It is fully functional, energy efficient, stable and reliable, beautiful in appearance, long service life and easy to operate. Can be adapted to any terrain conditions, and is widely used in urban construction, metallurgy, energy, environmental protection, road and bridge construction and other fields. The mobile crushing station has a good energy-saving effect and has a good crushing effect on construction waste, basalt stone and all kinds of mines. It is a model product in the industry and is highly recognized by South Africa Minerals.
mobile crushing equipment

The process of mobile crushing plant’s installation

The mobile crusher is a product of the needs of the new era. Its main feature is that it can be moved to ensure safe operation and reliable operation. The mobile crushers improves the equipment management level and production efficiency to a certain extent. On the one hand, it improves the economic benefits for users, on the other hand, it saves the production cost for the enterprise, and has good application and promotion value. Nowadays, mobile crushers for sale in South Africa can predict the equipment failure, avoid major accidents, reduce the number of downtimes, give full play to the potential of the equipment, and it also can ensure the stable operation of the production line, improve the economic benefits of the customers.

There are many types of mobile crushing plants in the market. Choosing a suitable mobile crushing station can not only improve the efficiency of crushing production, but also save the cost of construction of the site, which greatly saves manpower and time costs. The materials, application, and discharge specifications of the stone materials are different, and the types of crushing hosts used are not the same. Therefore, before purchasing a mobile crushing station, we must understand and be familiar with the types of crushing hosts and their respective characteristics.

Ten advantages of mobile crushing plant:

1.The host of the crushing station can be switched freely, which can meet the different needs of different customers, and realize the multi-purpose, and operation of the machine more flexible and convenient;

2.The length of the mobile crushing station is short, and the independent movable chassis installed by different crushing equipment has a short wheelbase and a small turning radius, which can be flexibly driven in ordinary roads and working areas;

3.The mobile crushing plant can directly crush the materials on the site without having to move the materials away from the site for further processing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the materials;

4.Equipped with excellent performance of the main equipment whose crushing ratio is large, the efficiency is super high.

5.It can be composed of “first crushing and then screening” according to different crushing process requirements. It can also be composed of “first screening and crushing” process. The mobile crushing and screening plant has two stage crushing system which including coarse crushing, and fine crushing or three stage crushing system including coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing.
iner parts of mobile concrete crushing plant

High-quality inner parts of mobile crushing equipment

6.Mature design scheme creates a green, pollution-free crushing environment;

7.Using a new centralized lubrication system, unified maintenance toolbox design, maintenance is more convenient, can save a lot of labor, time costs;
8.It is environmentally friendly and will not cause damage to the environment during production and use, affecting the environment in which human beings live;

9.After the construction waste is broken, it can be recycled, turning waste into treasure, reducing the cost of construction waste, and saving energy for the country. It is in line with the sustainable development strategy advocated by the state and belongs to a healthy green industry;

10.single machine can save more than 60%.

Application examples in South Africa granite processing plant

A granite processing plant in Cape Town of South Africa is an important granite production base in the region. Since its establishment, the plant has purchased processing equipment for various granites, including granite mobile crushing stations and impact crushers, screening machines, etc., And it has played an important role in improving the comprehensive recycling rate of granite in the region.

At the same time, they have fundamentally reduced the production costs of enterprises and improved the overall benefits. And the place has attracted a lot of famous mobile crushing plant manufacturers like China FTM Machinery, which have established a long-term cooperative relationship.
maintenance of cruhshing equipment

FTM woker is paying attention to every single step in manufacturing mobile crushers.

Advice of purchasing mobile crushing and screening plant for sale   

When selecting a mobile crusher, it is necessary to examine the quality of the product while determining the type of the crushing equipment. Good equipment quality and advanced technical design are the premise of stable and efficient operation of the machine. The mobile crushing equipment must own good quality, stable operation during work, high work efficiency, low failure rate and low maintenance cost. Otherwise, the machine must greatly improved in operating and maintenance costs,or it can not meet the expected production needs of the enterprise.

Therefore, when selecting a machine, it should be examined from the aspects of appearance, machine material, wear parts, etc., and choose an excellent mobile crushing equipment.


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