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By: Ashley August 03, 2019 Last Updated :August 10, 2019

How Much Is A Hammer Crusher With Capacity Of 500tph In Indonesia (Attached Video)

Ceramic wastes

Ceramics refer to the products produced in the way of using two different properties such as clay and china clay by the process of compounding, forming, drying, roasting. The coarsest earthenware and the finest fine pottery and porcelain all belong to the ceramics. Its main raw material is silicate minerals such as clay, quartz, etc. Therefore, the industry of ceramic is familiar with glass, cement, enamel, refractory, etc.

Ceramic wastes

Ceramic wastes pollution

The ceramic waste that generated from the production of ceramic not only makes the company suffer from headaches, but also makes the government suffer from the damage to the environment. Since there is no relevant recycling technology, ceramic waste is regarded as a “burden” by the enterprise, just like “garbage”. Enterprises use the methods of landfilling or pouring to handle the ceramic waste, which seriously pollutes the water, air and soil environment on which people depend for survival.

In the ceramic plant, the amount of variety of ceramic wastes has reached more than 400 million tons. While the annual output of ceramic waste in the country is estimated to be around 10 million tons. Then, the topic of how to recycle these ceramic wastes have become the top priority for the development of the industry.

Ceramic wastes pollution

The application of ceramic wastes in different fields

In recent years, many ceramic enterprises have strengthened research projects such as recycling non-renewable resources, reduced the generation of pollutants from the source, and achieved gratifying results.

The ceramic waste not only can be used as a building ceramic raw material, but also can be used in the production of daily-use ceramics and sanitary ceramics, production of industrial ceramics, production of ceramsite and sound-absorbing materials, production of cementitious materials and their products, for the recovery of heavy metals, production of cement and other products.

The use of ceramic waste for ceramic products has great economic benefits. On one hand, the amount of ceramic waste accounts for 16%-22% of the formula, and the amount of waste reaches more than 60000 tons per year, which can save more than 8 million yuan of raw material cost and waste residue treatment cost. On the other hand, due to the small fineness of waste residue, the ball grinding time can be shortened by 2 hours, so the annual electricity cost can be saved about 2 million yuan, and the economic benefit is very considerable. At the same time, the recycling project of ceramic waste has made a significant contribution to the energy conservation and emission reduction project being promoted by the government.

In the way of resource-saving, using low-grade ceramic raw materials for production is also an important means of resource-saving. As to the industry of ceramic, saving energy is saving the raw material. And the blank body accounted for 95% of the total ceramic tile raw materials. Thus, in recent years, many industry experts put forward ceramic tile to reduce thin and use the low-grade raw material to undertake the proposal of production.

The application of ceramic watses

Hammer crusher to handle ceramic wastes

How to handle the ceramic wastes? Here is a better solution. You can crush the ceramic with the hammer crusher machine. FTM Machinery can offer you the big heavy hammer crusher and the small hammer crusher for the process of ceramic. Besides, the materials processed by the hammer crusher can produce various environmentally friendly bricks, burnt-free bricks or concrete products.

Features of hammer crusher

1.High quality. All parts of our hammer mill crushers are made of high-quality materials, which greatly reduce the downtime and prolong the service life.

2.Compact structure. Because this equipment is processed by a new process, the hammer crusher’s internal structure design is reasonable. The small size of the equipment results in its area also reduced.

3.Granularity is adjustable. The particle size of finished products can be adjusted according to the requirements of users.

4.Low energy consumption. Compared with the same type of equipment on the market, the energy consumption of this device can be reduced by more than 50%, saving 100,000 operating costs for the processing plant every year.

5.Environmental protection. Nowadys, a lot of hammer mill manufacturers pay more a attention to the environmental protection. Advanced dust removal device allows the equipment works to work without any dust. Emission standards are also in the prescribed range, which really plays a role in protecting the environment.

6.Low noise. When the hammering machines are running, they would produce little noise. And even the hammer crusher works at night, it will not have any impact on the lives of people around so that most of minerals do love purchase the rock crushing machines for sale.

In conclusion, hammer mill pulverizer can really bring people much benefits including large production, high efficiency, low noise and enviornmental protection.

The hammer crusher for handling the ceramic wastes

Rock hammer crusher production site

Appliable material: Limestone

Capacity: 500t/h

Discharge granularity: ≤25mm

This is the feedback about the hammer crusher in pakistan. It didn’t take a long time for the limestone hammer crusher to go into production, but the effect has come out. The feed and discharge particle size is very satisfactory, and its output is large. The advantages of good texture and one molding help me save the cost of investment. There in no problem for a long time working. At this speed, it will be able to return to the book very quickly. This limestone hammer crusher is really good.

Limestone hammer crusher in Pakistan


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