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By: Ashley August 15, 2019 Last Updated :September 05, 2019

Cheap Raymond Mill Price With The Product Granularity of 40-400 Meshes

Who invent the Raymond grinding mill?

In 1906, C.V.Grueber founded the Curt Von Grueber machinery plant in the southern suburbs of Berlin. He used the patent obtained in the United States to invent the Maxecon grinding mill that was applied to grinding coal for the MOABIT power station in the area of BEWAG, and its capacity can reach 5T/H. It had been sold for 600 units in a few years, which was used in the grinding field of different industries. E.C.Loesche became a shareholder and headed the Curt Von Grueber machinery factory and decided to purchase the US-issued Raymond patent, producing the first generation Raymond grinding system.

However, because the magic power of the Raymond grinding roller was limited by the diameter and speed of roller, the Raymond grinding mill just can process the soft, low ash coal materials. The hardness of coal in Germany is hard, and the composition of ash is high, this needs high pressure grinding mill. Thus, the Raymond mill is not popular in Germany, instead sold well in America.

Who improve the Raymind mill machine?

In 1925, E.C.Loesche analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the first generation of Raymond mill, deciding to upgrade its internal structure. The principle of this new type of grinding mill is different from the previous one. This kind of grinding mill has two kinds of a ventilation system, they are positive pressure and negative pressure direct blowing. Although this kind of raymond grinding mill had been upgraded, there was still something wrong with the ring roller. Although the roll diameter is slightly increased, the grinding power is not increased a lot.

After a few years, a company in America researched a new type of VR grinding mill based on the raymond mill. It uses a cylindrical grinding roller and a grinding disc with a 15 degree angled inclined grinding surface. The roller can be turned out for inspection and repair. And the protective device to prevent the grinding roller and the grinding disc from contacting. The grinding roller can be lifted before the mill starts, which can reduce the starting torque of a motor. The Raymond mill was usually used to produce the coal powder, and the fineness varies from 250-325 meshes. It can adjust the product fineness and output during operation.

Raymond mill working principle

Putting the raw material into the machine through the feeder on the side of the casing. The material is revolved around the vertical axis by the grinding roller device suspended on the main plum frame of the main machine while rotating itself. Due to the centrifugal force, the grinding roller swings outward and presses against the grinding ring, so that the blade shovels the material between grinding roller and grinding ring. Finally, the material will be ground under the function of rolling.

How does a raymond mill work

Characteristics of raymond mill

Different types of raymond mill have their features. However, the common characteristics of raymond mill are here:
The whole Raymond mill is a vertical structure with a relatively small footprint, strong system and strong set. Processing、 transporting、grinding or packing the material all can be an independent production system.

Compared with other grindming mill, raymond mill has high screening rate. After the Raymond mill grinding, the finished particle size screening rate can reach more than 99%, which is not achieved by other milling equipment.

Uniform feeding with electromagnetic vibrating to feed, which is easy to adjust, save fuel and electricity, and easy to maintain.

The centralized control of electrical system enables unattended operation in the host computer room.

The main drive unit adopts a closed reducer, which has stable transmission, reliable operation and no leakage of oil.

The main blade holder is always in contact with the material during operation. Therefore, the blade holder consists of two parts. After the lower seat is worn, the disassembly connecting bolt can be changed.

The important parts of Raymond Mill are made of high quality castings and profiles,and this guarantees the durability of entire equipment.
Calcium carbonate powder grinding mill

Calcium carbonate powder grinding mill

Selection profile

Raw material: talc
Finished finess: 400 meshes
Capacity: 54,000 tons per year

Project overview

This enterprise has rich production experience in terms of talc. Advanced milling technology and production concept expand the industrialization of talc resources, which meets the expanding needs of the fields of chemistry, medicine, and daily chemicals. After investigations of the market, the talc mill production line recommended by Henan Fote company is very suitable for the company’s milling status.

FTM Machinery, as the Raymond mill owner, is market-oriented and research the equipment from the customer’s point of view. We mobilize an efficient sales and after-sales service team to provide accurate pre-sales, sales and after-sales services for our clients’ project profitability. Zhengzhou Fote company is the raymond supplier or manufacturer, which has successfully produced high-quality talc powder for the company, bringing a win-win situation of production and efficiency.

Customer reviews

“I learned from my friends that Fote mining machinery is an advanced enterprise with a very good reputation and first-class service. Besides, it has rich production experience in the field of grinding mill, can provide high quality, scientific and reasonable complete milling production solution for the non-metallic minerals such as talc, calcite, marble, and coal gangue. After cooperating with China Fote, I found that its professional quality is high, and the milling technology is also very advanced and scientific. The after-service team also provide us with installation and commissioning guidance, maintenance, and repair training services, and this has saved a lot of comprehensive investment costs for our company, and has created considerable benefits in all aspects.”

Raymond mill in pakistan

The development trend of Raymond Mill

In recent years, the grinding mill industry is developing rapidly, and the technology of grinding mill manufacturing is quite sophisticated. Raymond mill is not only simple in the production structure but also pays more attention to the diversification of equipment performance. The cost performance and control level of the milling equipment has also been greatly improved.

With the continuous development of the power industry, the market demand for Raymond mill is also increasing. To meet the requirements of different application fields, it is an inevitable trend to develop the Raymond mill with “high reliability, energy-saving, precision, and automation.

More energy saving and environmental protection

Recently, all walks of life are paying more and more attention to green environmental protection issues, and energy conservation and environmental protection have become the vane of development in various industries. In the researching and development of Raymond grinding mill, FTM Machinery pays more attention to energy-saving, improves manufacturing for key areas such as zero pollution, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and mechanical life. As for the current Raymond mill market, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment with high processing capacity, high sorting efficiency, and low energy consumption will be more popular, and the market demand is more urgent.

More complete automatic control system

The raymind mill will develop towards the direction of high reliability, precision, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control. Fote company adaps SCR power supply, AC frequency conversion speed regulation, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and equips with monitoring and microcomputer automatic control and other devices. High reliability needs to be rationalized by mechanical principle, researching the wear resistance of the grinding ring, the lower gland, etc., and improving the lubrication of machine before the bearing in the continuous working state.

Grinding accuracy will be greatly improved

With the increasingly demand for fineness of powder products in the application field, the raymond mill will develop towards the direction of streamline and scale. For a long time, Raymond mill have rarely made breakthrough. Although the grading system has been greatly improved, most of them still stayed on the stand-alone transformation. The size of the grinding roller ring, the power of the main engine and the spindle speed are rarely exceeded. In fact, traditional Raymond mill has many potentials to be tapped.

Improve the accuracy of material grinding needs to strengthen the accuracy of the analyzer, which is also the technical difficulty of raymond grinding mill. Therefore, the grinding precision of Raymond Mill will be the focus of related companies and R&D personnel in the future, which will also be the key to determine the futur of Raymond Mill in the milling industry.

Cheap raymond mill for sale

Henan Fote machine has the professional technology team and production workshop. We are responsible for every equipment. The raymond mill is sold well in India and Pakistan. The maximum processing capacity can reach 800 meshes. If you have projects like environmentally friendly desulfurization limestone powder, calcium carbonate crushing, clean coal powder preparation, non-metallic mineral powder such as barite or bauxite, gypsum powder production line, and comprehensive utilization of slag and solid waste, you can consider FTM Machinery’s raymond grinding mill. Welcome to leave your message on website.

Raymond mill for sale


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