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By: Vaedy Xiao August 27, 2019 Last Updated :September 09, 2019

Wholesale Concrete Jaw crusher machines in Indonesia(With Video)

Mining environment and current situation in Indonesia

The mining industry has made a significant contribution to Indonesia’s gross domestic product. Although it is dwarfed by architecture and manufacturing, it far exceeds agriculture, services, and utilities. In 2011, about 11% of Indonesia’s GDP came from this industry. Mining is very popular in the country for one reason: it has a wealth of natural resources.

It is the world’s largest exporter of thermal coal. It is also a well-known supplier of copper, gold, nickel, and tin. Large-scale mining will undoubtedly cause more attention to the environment and air pollution in Indonesia. For this reason, the Indonesian government has designated strict laws and measures to achieve orderly mining without polluting the environment.
mining situation in Indonisia

People are mining sulphur at volvano of Indonesia

The essential machine for primary crushing in the mining industry—-concrete jaw crushers

Jaw crusher is one of the more commonly used crushing equipment in industrial and mining production. It is mainly used for crushing and coarse crushing of materials with compressive strength less than 320 MPa. The structure of jaw crusher mainly consists of frame, eccentric shaft, large pulley, flywheel, movable cymbal, side guard, bracket, bracket rear seat, clearance adjusting screw, return spring, fixed raft, movable raft, among which the brackets also play a safety role.

During the operation of the gold jaw crushers, the upper end of the movable jaw is suspended directly on the eccentric shaft. The crank-link mechanism acts as a link for the crank-link mechanism, which is directly driven by the eccentricity of the eccentric shaft. The lower end of the movable jaw is hinged with a thrust plate to support the rear wall of the frame. When the eccentric shaft rotates, the trajectory of each point on the moving jaw gradually changes from the circumference of the suspension point (the radius is equal to the eccentricity) to the ellipse, and the downward the ellipse, the more the ellipse deviates until the connection point between the lower part and the channel.
concrete jaw crushers for sale of FTM Machinery

Concrete jaw crushers are the most popular primary crushers in Indonesia

The role of jaw crusher in the stone production line

Concrete jaw crusher plays a very important role in the stone production line. It is the main crushing equipment in the stone production line configuration because the bulk material must be crushed by the jaw crusher before it can be crushed according to the requirements of the discharge size and in general, the equipment is equipped with secondary crushing equipment.

The simple stone production line is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and centralized electric control. It can be equipped with cone crushing to meet different processing needs of customers. Machine, dust removal equipment, etc.

The jaw crushers can process materials with a side length of 100-500 mm or less and have a large crushing ratio. The crushed material is cubic particles, simple in structure, reliable in operation, simple in maintenance, and low in operating cost. In the stone production line, the large stone material is evenly sent into the jaw crusher by the vibrating feeder for coarse crushing. The coarsely crushed stone material is sent to the jaw crusher by the belt conveyor for further crushing; the finely crushed stone material It is sent to the vibrating screen by the belt conveyor for screening, and several stones of different specifications are screened.

The stone that meets the grain size requirements is sent by the finished conveyor belt to the finished material pile, which can meet the stone requirements of different specifications of different customers.
concrete jaw crusher in Indonisia

People just finishing the installation of the gold jaw crushers then testing the machine.

Because of the high-efficiency production, low energy consumption and convenient use of the jaw crusher, the stone production line is highly automated. The entire production line requires almost no manual operation except for the startup and maintenance of the equipment and daily maintenance. Moreover, the concrete jaw crusher can bring you the high production efficiency, the low running cost, the large output, high income. Besides, the finished stone has a uniform particle size and a good granular shape and meets the requirements of the national construction materials.

How to choose a cement crusher that meets the environmental standards

Improvements in structure and process to reduce dust generation from the source.
During the operation of the compound pendulum jaw crusher, the amount of dust generated has an important relationship with the throughput of the ore, the crushing efficiency, etc., while the density of the tooth plate, the tooth type and the degree of fastening of the tooth plate to the body and the wear is an important factor in the efficiency of the crushing.

Usually, the ore has a sieve before entering the crushing chamber, and only the ore larger than the sieve size will enter the crusher for crushing. However, under the existing conditions, the sieve is very easy to block. If the sieve is not dredged in time, a large amount of ore will enter the crusher, so that the ore that can pass through the sieve without having to be broken may enter the crusher.
Therefore, the generation of dust is greatly increased, so to better control the source of the generated dust, it is necessary to promptly eliminate the failure of the sieve blockage and reduce the amount of dust generated as much as possible.

Reasonably select the tooth plate to improve the crushing efficiency

The original crusher tooth plate not only has a small number of teeth but also a large tooth type, which is not conducive to crushing iron ore with high hardness. After analysis and comparison, the tooth plate with three teeth and a smaller tooth shape is selected for practical application. The crushing efficiency is increased by about 10%, and the amount of dust generated is significantly reduced.

Tighten the tooth plate.

Once the tooth plate is loose or detached, the crushing efficiency of the crusher will be seriously reduced, causing the ore to stay in the crushing chamber for a long time, causing the ore and the tooth plate to rub repeatedly to generate a large amount of dust. For this reason, it is necessary to fix the tooth plate reliably and to reduce the generation of dust from the source.

The benefits of concrete crushers to Indonesia

The stone crushing plant for stone material

Powerful function: The whole machine realizes crushing and sand-making double-in-one, which is more efficient and more convenient. The impact crusher can crush coarse, medium and fine crushed materials such as limestone, quartz stone, granite, pebbles, slag, and construction waste. Processing can be combined with on-board devices to form a counter-attack mobile crushing station. This device can be moved at any time and is currently very popular in Indonesia.

Powerful structure: From the structural point of view, in addition to the necessary crushing parts, adjusting devices and safety devices, the impact crusher is equipped with complete dust removal and denoising device. When working with other equipment, it can also be equipped with advanced sprinkler device, which greatly reduces the dust and noise pollution of the production. The hydraulic protection device is also equipped to greatly improve the safety of production and fully comply with environmental protection standards.

Long service life: The impact crusher has a longer life. It is derived from the introduction of wear-resistant materials and advanced lubrication technology. The impact crusher is made of high-quality alloy steel, especially for counter-impact liners and hammers. Hydraulic lubrication and protection device for non-polluting lubrication, ensuring that the lubrication function is not damaged and the service life is longer.

Strong adaptability: The impact crusher can be combined with other equipment to form a complete set of crushed stone production lines. It is common in all kinds of complex or single mining areas, roads, railways, bridges and other processing sites, and adaptability to various types of stone and working environment. They are very strong, it is far more powerful than you think.


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