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Two-Stage Crusher

The two-stage crusher integrates two hammer crusher together, connecting two rotors to start this machine.

Two-stage is also called double rotor hammer crusher. Some raw materials with a large quantity of water will adhere to the grate bottom so that they can’t be discharged. Thus, FTM machinery company manufacturered the two-stage crusher to solve this problem.

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Introduction to two-stage crusher

The two-stage crusher is composed of box, rotor, hammer, counter lining, sieve plate. Based on the traditional small hammer crusher, the double stage crusher or the two-stage crusher has been improved a lot, so it is also called double rotor hammer crusher.

It has two sets of rotors, and can totally crush rock materials twice. The effect of single two-stage crusher is equal to two common crushers.
Two-stage crusher

Two-stage crusher

Five advantages

1. Double rotor crushes stone materials up and down

The material crushed by the upper rotor is immediately shredded again by the lower rotor that is rotating at high speed. The materials impact with each other and become powder in the cavity.

2. No screen bottom to process high humidity material

The traditional pulverizer with enamel sieve is not suitable for raw materials with moisture content more than 8%.

When the moisture content of raw material is higher than 10%, it is prone to severe blockage, so that the hammer can not rotate, the material cannot be discharged, even the motor is burned, which seriously affects the production.

The double-stage crusher doesn’t have screen bottom, and there is no strict requirement on the moisture content of the material. It doesn’t block the sieve plate at all, and the fine powder can be discharged in time.

3. Wear-resistant hammer

Fote heavy machinery company uses the high alloy material to manufacturer the wear-resistant hammer. Hammerhead combines the hammer handle to operate the machine.

4. Unique gap-shifting technology

It doesn’t matter that the hammer and liner of two-stage crusher are worn out. As long as the position of the hammer is changed, it can be used repeatedly. A pair of hammers can be used as three pairs.

5. Hydraulic switches

Only one person can start up and shut down the crusher, which is not only light, fast, but safe and reliable. Furthermore, it’s easy to maintain.

Application of two-stage crusher

The two-stage crusher is able to break materials including limestone, bricks and tiles, coal cinder, furnace cinder, slag, gangue and construction waste, etc.

In order to avoid blocking, double-stage crusher does not install the grid and screen, which solved the problem of high temperature and high humidity in the process of crushing. The twin-stage crusher equals two hammer crushers working together.

The reasonable combination realizes the series application of two sets of rotors. Vermiculite and cinder can be used as brick plant additives and internal fuel, while shale and vermiculite can produce standard and hollow bricks.
Application of two-stage crusher

Application of two-stage crusher

Working principle of two-stage crusher

When it works, the twin-stage crusher’s two rotors revolve at the same time at high speed driven by the double electric motors.

Materials in the crushing cavity are immediately crushed by the lower rotor’s hammerhead with high-speed rotation after first being crushed by the high-level rotor.

Materials are completely impacted with each other and crushed into the coal cinder powder with the discharging size less than 3mm.
Working principle

Working principle

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