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Flotation Plant

gold flotation plant

introduction of gold ore floation process

The gold ore flotation process is suitable for the treatment of gold-bearing sulfide ore with fine gold particles and good floatability. During the flotation process, the sulfide ore is enriched as a gold carrier in the sulfide concentrate, and the flotation method is also available to deal with polymetallic gold-bearing sulfide ore and carbonaceous ore. In addition, for “difficult ore” that cannot be directly treated by amalgamation or cyanidation, it is also necessary to use a combined process including flotation.

equipment need in the flotation plant

Flotation plant or flotation line is mainly composed of jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral classifier, agitation barrel, and flotation machine.

Working Principle of flotation processing line:

In the flotation separation process or flotation processing line, the pulp after processed by adding in agentia makes air inflation by mixing to make some ore particle stick to the bubble. Float to the surface of the pulp and being scraped to make bubble product and the rest are in the pulp to achieve separation. Flotation machines are in various types and the most common type is mechanical mixing flotation machine.

Flotation Plant

flotation separation

Application Fields:

Flotation seperation plant is used to separate non-ferrous black metal like copper, zinc, lead and gold) and suitable for coarse separation and fine separation for nonmetal like fluorite and talc.

Flotation Plant

Impeller of flotation machine driven by V-belt and the centrifugal effect makes out the negative pressure to absorb enough air and mix with the pulp and the pulp mixed together with agentia and refines bulbs to make the foams stick with materials and then float to the surface of pulp to make foams. Adjust the height of flashboard to control the surface to make the qualified foams blew out.

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