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Stone Crushing Plant

What is stone crushing plant?

The stone crushing plant is also called the stone production line which will be assembled with different devices according to different situations. The stone crushing plant or the stone crushing line can not only produce stones and sand with all kinds of particle sizes but also can break various minerals. The crushed materials can be directly used in the construction industry or be further applied in the ore beneficiation plant or the grinding production.

What machines make up the stone crushing plant?

Required machines in the stone crushing plant

The stone crushing production line usually consists of a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, centralized electric control, etc. The designed output is generally 50-500t/h. After several years of development research by FTM machinery, the stone crushing production line has been improved a lot.


Jaw crusher is mainly suitable for primary crushing, it is used to crush various ore and granular materials with medium-sized. FTM machinery mainly uses the PE series for coarse crushing and the PEX series for fine crushing.

Impact crusher is mainly used for secondary crushing, which can crush materials with medium-hardness and soft materials. Impact crusher is used for fine crushing of chemical materials such as limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, iron sulfide ore, gypsum, etc.

The cone crusher can finely crush various ores and rocks with high-hardness, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metals, silicon carbide, bauxite, quartz sand, perlite, basalt and so on. The crushing chamber of the cone crusher is divided into four chamber types according to the crushing particle size. It greatly increases productivity and crushing efficiency. The cone crusher plays an unbeatable crushing role in coarse crushing, primary, and secondary crushing.

Why does the stone crushing plant attract so many miners to invest?


Stone crushing plant

FTM machinery stone production line is environmentally friendly, clean and efficient, and less noise. The stone crushing production line is gradually moving towards the direction of environmentally friendly and dust-free, raising emission standards, and doing a good job in environmental impact assessment so that the market enters a demanding period for environment friendly.

We, FTM company, will continue to optimize our products because of the needs of the market, making them meet the needs of environmental protection. In fact, making the stone crushing line environmentally friendly is not difficult for Fote company. It only needs to seal the dust point and install the dust collector equipment. It can also use the soundproof board to build the lattice room and package the main equipment.

How does the stone crushing plant achieve environmental-protection?

FTM machinery uses a dust-removal system to achieve environmental protection. It consists of two parts: the water-spray dust collector and bag type of dust collector. The function of water-spray is to generate less dust. The function of the bag type of dust collector is to collect the generated dust.

The FTM company also uses PPC-type air-pulse bag dust collector, which is widely used in dust-removal systems of building materials, cement, metallurgy, machinery, chemical, and refractory industries. In addition, it combines the advantages of various types of dust collectors such as chamber back-blowing and pulse-blowing, and overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient kinetic energy during the back-flushing of the chamber, the simultaneous filtration, and cleaning, thus increasing the usage of the bag filter. The pulse bag filter is made of box-type cleaning. When needs cleaning, the box is isolated and rotated according to the box, which avoids the problem of secondary flying of the spray bag filter.

At the same time, the effect of compressed air cleaning is ensured. The whole box design utilizes the structure of the inlet and outlet manifolds, and the ash bucket can be extended under the inlet manifold to allow the incoming dusty flue gas to directly enter the expanded ash bucket to achieve the advance perfect effect.

There are some design points of the water spray device:

The nozzle position and quantity are designed reasonably, the water volume can be adjusted, and the water pressure is guaranteed. Otherwise, the dust reduction effect is not obvious and the sieve hole of the vibrating screen is easily blocked to affect the production.

The FTM manufacturer should design the key points of each process according to the characteristics of the stone crushing plant, and then design a high-quality production line with low construction investment, low operating cost, high economic efficiency, and environmental friendliness.

How does a stone crushing plant work?

First, stones after being exploded on the mountain with the diameter about 1020mm are delivered to the vibrating feeder via the dump truck and then they are fed to the jaw crusher to be crushed for the first time. After the first crushing process by the jaw crusher, the stones with the diameter of 150-300mm would be delivered through the belt conveyor or the secondary vibrating feeder to the impact crusher (or cone crusher)to be crushed for the second time.

After two times’ crushing, materials will be conveyed to the vibrating screen for multi-layer screening and the screened materials will enter into the fine crusher again via the belt conveyor for further crushing. Finally, the qualified stones will be delivered to the finished product piles.

Many types of stone crushers from Fote China for sale

Large stone crusher can crush all kinds of hard materials, but it will produce much dust. Therefore, our company adds a muffler to the large stone crusher to reduce dust pollution and noise, which is in line with national environmental standards and plays an environmentally friendly role in the surrounding environment. The development direction of Fote China is right, we have rich experience to manufacture the environmental-friendly and high-quality stone crushers.

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