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By: Vaedy Xiao September 03, 2019 Last Updated :November 14, 2019

High- quality Tertiary Crushers Manufacturer in China

Different types of tertiary crushers

There are many models of ore tertiary crushers. Users choose the right type of crusher in the production process, which avoids the waste of resources and ensures high productivity. Rock tertiary crushers are different in rotor specifications, feeding sizes, discharge joint adjustment width, distribution power, etc. For example, the rotor specification of 800×600 crusher is 800×600mm, its feeding size is 500×250mm, feeding material size is less than 180mm, the discharging granularity is 5~50mm, and the motor power is 37KW.
different types of tertiary crushers

FTM Machinery workers are assembling the tertiary crushers

Users can learn the performance advantages of this equipment through this specific information in order to select appropriate type of fine crushing equipment according to the properties of the material and the specific production requirements. Customers who have questions about equipment selection can also consult with the specific crushing manufacturer to find out which model is suitable for the different crushing sites.

Know more about tertiary crushers and gold jaw crushers

As crushing machines, their functions are both to crush the material. However, in terms of specific materials, the difference between the two is very large. How to choose the right equipment for the broken materials?

Same points of the two crushing equipment

1.Both of them can crush the materials in various ways. It has the characteristics of adjustable discharge size and can be applied to many different types of production lines. The tertiary crusher and jaw rock crusher are ideal for handling medium hardness materials and are easy to operate.

2.Besides, they are all environmentally-friendly equipment, mainly reflected in no noise and no damage to the environment. Both devices are advanced products that conform to the development of the times and will make more contributions to the future mining industry.
tertiary crushers and jaw crushers of FTM Machinery

Jaw crushers and tertiary crushers have their different advantages in production lines.

The differences between the two crushers

1.In the production process, the jaw crusher have another name, called “first-stage crusher”, which means that the crusher is often used as a front-end equipment, and the tertiary crusher is often called “secondary crusher” because it is often used for back-end equipment.

2.In terms of the discharging, the final products of the tertiary crusher is often finer than that of the jaw crushers, but the output of the jaw rock crusher is much higher than that of the tertiary crusher. When selecting a device, the user needs to select a device that is more suitable for oneself than the needs of the production line.

Jaw crusher and tertiary crusher have many similarities and many different points. When selecting the equipment, it is necessary to compare the functions of the equipment and select the most suitable equipment under the advice of professionals.

Is the tertiary crusher environmentally friendly and efficient?

The energy-saving tertiary crusher is the latest generation of high-efficiency crusher developed by FTM company in the fine sand digestion of advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with the specific working conditions of the country. It combines the advantages of the existing hammer, counterattack, impact and other fine crushers, and uses a special cavity design, especially the hammerhead, using the “2021” special wear-resistant material with excellent wear resistance, making the equipment It has the advantages of fine discharge size and long service life of wear parts so that it has achieved obvious economic benefits for users after promotion and use.

Over the years, China Fote Machinery has witnessed the ever-changing development of crushers. Nowadays, the tertiary crushers are becoming more and hotter, and based on improvement and innovation, we have developed many unique advantages with the trend of the times, paving the way for the industry’s prospects. People always say that the tertiary crusher is ordinary and extraordinary because it can complete what other crushers can do and can not do. So understanding the nature of the composite crusher will make it easier for everyone to use it.

The most important advantage of the tertiary crusher is that it combines the characteristics of the two kinds of crushers including impact crushers and jaw crushers, which are the most commonly used in the crusher industry, into a new two-in-one crushing device. Its production greatly simplifies the crusher. The process also greatly reduces the investment cost of the entire production line. Together with the new design structure and unique crusher technology, the composite crusher greatly reduces the maintenance rate, thus achieving high efficiency, high output, and low consumption.

Chinese ore tertiary crusher manufacturers

There are many large and small factories of ore crushers at home and abroad. For domestic manufacturers, the ore crusher manufacturers are mainly distributed in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Henan, and other places. In general, we suggest that users with needs can come to Henan market. On the one hand, Henan is a large province integrating industrial, agricultural and service industries and it is an important production base for domestic mining machinery and equipment. The economic development speed is fast, and there are many crushing equipment manufacturers.
tertiary crushers working in Zambia

All tertiary crushers can be customized according to the crushing sites.

On the other hand, there are many professional mining machinery and equipment manufacturers in Henan, advanced production technology, mature production technology, excellent equipment quality, and reasonable market price are the important foundations for the development of these enterprises. In addition to the above, Henan has convenient transportation, which is so helpful to people who want to purchase big and heavy machines.

FTM Machine is a domestic professional mining machinery equipment manufacturer located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. The crushed series products include jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, mobile crushing station, etc, and we can also help users configure a complete stone production line. So, the company must be the perfect choice for customers.


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