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By: Ashley August 22, 2019 Last Updated :November 20, 2019

160-300t/h Large Sand Washing Machine—Price And Video Attached

The advantages of sand wahsing machinery

Traditional sand and gravel materials are washed by hand. However, with the development of society, more and more high-rise buildings rise, the demand for sand and gravel aggregates is increasing. Manually washed sand is far from meeting the development of construction, then the FTM(Fote) Machinery sand washer appears.

Fote company’s sand washer adopts the principle of washing the material by mechanical spiral, which helps people save labor and water, improve cleaning, and the wastewater can be recycled. The cleaned sandstone meets the national building requirements, ensuring the quality of the building, reducing the cost, stabilizing the price of the sandstone market and effectively taking advantage of resources of limestone, slag, river pebble, granite, etc.

At present, the sand washing machine is used in all related professions such as the cement industry, infrastructure. Actually, to meet the standards of sand making in many industries of society. Henan Fote Mining Machinery is constantly improving the production technology of sand washer machine. And this will be the direction and purpose of our company, and the driving force we insist on.

Sand washer plant

With the decreasing of natural sand resource, now there is a phenomenon that natural sand is in short of supply. Therefore, the growing demand for sand resources in the construction industry can only be compensated by increasing the efficiency of the sand making machine. FTM Machinery is the professional manufacturer of producing sand aggregates heavy equipment and protects the production and application of artificial sand. The development of artificial sand has adapted to the development of society and solved many problems. For example, it can make up for the shortage of medium and coarse sand of natural sand resources, and can manually adjust the gradation of sand.

With the progress of science & technology, economic construction is increasingly demanding for industrial automation, and new requirements are placed on handling technology and sand washing machine equipment.

The sand washing machine coordinates with the trend of the automated industry to promote the progress of mining equipment. New intelligent devices such as high-intelligent CNC systems, encoders, and digital control components, and power load control have been widely applied to sand washing machine equipment. These will help users more independent, flexible, maneuverable, efficient and compatible during the manipulation process.

Sand washing machine instead of artificial sand washer is the development of science and technology, the progress of society, and the fruit of the industry’s efforts.

How to process the wastewater during the sand washing

Any sand washer will produce plenty of mud water, sewage, wastewater when working. Old customers know that the more wastewater produced, the better the cleaning effect of sand. But many sand washing machine manufacturers are very concerned about this wastewater. Sewage tanks, sedimentation tanks, sewage tanks are used to recover a large amount of muddy water, sewage, and wastewater. This not only takes up a lot of land space, but also fails to dispose of waste in a timely manner.

As for the mud, sewage, and wastewater generated during the sand washing process, it is recommended to use a fine sand recycling machine produced from Fote with environmental protection technology, which can recycle the first generated sewage, and the fine sand lost in the mud sewage will be effective in time. The production of finished sand can be increased, and the sewage recovered by fine sand has no value for reuse. The sewage from the fine sand recovery machine can be separated by solid and liquid, and the purified water can be recycled. You can also add a trihydrogen purifying body(also called high-efficiency deep cone concentrator). During operation, the solid particles suspended in the slurry in the concentrator of the concentrator settle under gravity, and the upper part becomes clarified water so that the solid-liquid can be separated. The clarified water of the thickener can be filtered by a filter press, and the water can be further separated by pressure filtration. The water can be purified into reusable water twice, and the mud will be made into a mud cake for transportation processing backfill or sale.

How much capacity does a large sand washing machine wash sand?

FTM Machinery’s sand washer machinery can process 160-300t sand per hour. And the sand washer can continuously work for 12 hours. However, the sand washing machine should be checked and added lubricant regularly. Calculated by working 10 hours a day, it can clean 1600-3000 tons of materials a day. Its output is stable and has a large amount of high-quality. Sand and gravel aggregate can be exported every day, and the income is high.

The sand washing machine adopts the advanced production technology, combining the actual situation of domestic sand and gravel industry. Fote machinery’s equipment has a simple structure, working principle, and simple working process. The water can be recycled. The water can be recycled back and forth, the impurities are removed and discharged, and after washing the sand machine, the sand is cleaned, dehydrated and dewatered. The finished sand has a water content of 15%, a mud content of less than 3%.

Artificial sand washer

Artificial sand washer

Sand washer for sale

If you have a mining project, Fote machinery can offer you the whole sand washing machine including vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand washer, sand maker, vibrating screen, and conveyor belt. FTM Machinery is the professional mining manufacturer with three large production workshops covering an area of 350,000 square meters. Our engineer will make a plan according to your production needs. We will arrange professional technical workers to install for you and guard for you the operation. If you want to know more about our machine, you can carry your material for testing. Besides, welcome to our company for a visit.

Although it is a large equipment, the price of the sand washer is cheaper than other mining equipment manufacturer. And we are the direct distributor. FTM Machinery’s sand making machinery is the simple and skilled manufacturing process. Because of the different purchase methods and configuration, the price will vary. If you need the sand washing machine or other equipment, please leave your needs on our website, and our technology manager will send you the latest quotation.

Wheel  bucket sand washer VS Spiral sand washing machinery

Wheel bucket sand washer VS Spiral sand washing machinery


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