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By: Ashley July 03, 2019 Last Updated :August 23, 2019

How Much Is A Stone Crusher For Basalt?

Basalt is the better choice for road construction

As we all know that the factors of anti-slip property, pressure and frost resistance about the road surface should be considered during the road construction. Therefore, there has high demands on the road construction raw materials, and common stones can’t be used for the road construction.

The requirements for roads on railways and airport runways are also strict. The airport runway particularly requires that the road surface be flat and has no pits, which means that the stone used for the raod construction have uniform specifications and good asphalt adhesion. The basalt rock just fits these characteristics, that is why the basalt is the best choice for the road construction.
Road construction

Road construction

What is basalt

Basalt stone is a basic volcanic rock. Basalt composition not only contains the main constituent material of the earth oceanic crust and moon luna, but also the important constituent material of the earth continental crust and the moon surface. In 1546, G. Agricola first used the basalt to describe black rocks of Saxony. The Chinese basalt is from Japanese where the basalt was first found.

The color of basalt is mostly black, dark brown or dark green. The basalts near the Tengchong volcanic group are mostly blue-gray, but also dark red, orange, and yellow. Because of its dense texture, its specific gravity is heavier than the general granite, limestone, sandstone, and shale. SO, in general, when you crushing basalts with concrete crushers, you have to choose the rock crushers that can reduce hard stones.

But there are different types of basalt. Some basalts with many pores is light and even can float in the water. So, people call such basalt as “pumice”. In the villages near the foot of volcanic group of the Tengchongma Station in Yunnan, these porous basalts are called “sandstones”.
Two types of basalt

Two types of basalt

Basalt is the good raw material for producting the cast stone that is obtained by melting, casting, and annealing the basalt. It is harder and more wear resistant than alloy steel and is more resistant to corrosion than lead and rubber.

The basalt can be used as the lubricant in the process of cast steel, which can extend the life of the cast film. Meanwhile, the basalt can also be drawn into glass filaments, which is more alkaline than ordinary glass cloth and has good high temperature resistance.

Basalt has excellent properties such as pressure resistance, anti-slip property, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, low water consumption, strong asphalt adhesion, firmness and non-breaking. Basalt stone particles processed by crusher are uniform and beautiful in appearance, which are widely used in decoration of high-grade buildings, municipal construction, ecological squares, parking lots, hotels, families and other outdoor places.

It is the best material for building roads, railways and airport runways. Besides, since it has many holes, it can also be used to build the rockery garden, or carved into small and exquisite bonsai.
Basalt used for the basalt

Basalt used as the rockery

Stone crusher for the basalt

Basalt has the strong hardness and rich silicon content, which leads to severe wear and tear of materials on jaw plate, plate hammer, counter plate and other wear-resistant parts in the crushing operation of basalt, which greatly increases the crushing cost.

Stone crusher machine can also be applied to crush the material with various hardness such as rocks, cement, refractory materials, aluminum soil clinker, silicon carbide, glass raw materials, mechanical construction sand, stone materials and various metallurgical slag. The stone crusher machinery has larger capacity and efficacy when it process the material of silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite, magnesia sand and abrasion resistant material. In the field of engineering, the rock crushing achine is the best equipment for artificial sand, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate.

Therefore, according to the material properties of basalt, the crushing equipment with lamination principle should be selected as much as possible to reduce the loss of wear-resistant parts. The new type of hydraulic cone crusher is the necessary equipment in basalt crushing production line.

It is suggested that customers can use jaw crusher and hydraulic cone crusher to set up a production line for stone yard with low requirement for stone granule. This is because the jaw crusher and hydraulic cone crusher are the equipment that uses lamination principle. Since the wear and tear of this kind of equipment to wear-resistant parts are small, the production cost is relatively low.

On the contrary, due to the principle of lamination, the broken stone internal crack is more serious, and the stone grain is not good, the needle flake stone content is higher. Therefore, it cannot achieve the mechanical properties formed by multi-prism cubic stone in building use. So the price of this kind of stone is much cheaper than counter stone.
Cone crusher and jaw crusher for the basalt

Cone crusher and jaw crusher for the basalt

The price analysis for the stone crusher

If you don’t know much about crushers, you may not know much about the price of them. FTM Machinery’s mobile stone crusher also for sale. The price of stone crusher varies greatly from low to high. So what does the price have to do with different production demands and suitable for which type of crusher? The following will be around this point to say, and this will hope to help the majority of users.

The technology, process, experience, material and other aspects of the stone crusher will determine the quality and performance of the equipment, and this will directly affect its price. The stone crusher is essential equipment in the sandstone production line. Its quality and performance will determine the granularity of finished products. Therefore, when choosing equipment, users should consider their actual production needs and various aspects to choose cost-effective equipment.

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