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By: Ashley September 04, 2019 Last Updated :September 05, 2019

Mobile Impact Crushing With Screen For Road And Bridge Construction Project

Rigid demands for aggregates

With the rapid advancement of national construction, the improvement of urbanization, and the project needs brought by the Belt and Road construction, the price of aggreegate is increasing in different places. The role of aggregate has been transfered from “cheap stone” to “non-renewable scarce resources”, it has become more and more important in the industry of mining. At the same time, under the pressure of environmental protection, the government has delineated the ecological red line for aggregate production to promoted green development to a strategic level.

The quantity needs for gravel aggregates in the short-term start-up project, the increasing price for sandstone, and the market environment with insufficient agregates, Many construction units are paying more and more attention to local utilization of aggregate during the construction process. In the field of road and bridge construction, the remaining stone materials in the construction process are crushed, screened and utilized in situ, which reduces the cost of raw materials and cost of material transportation. It has become a good way for road and bridge construction enterprises to reduce costs and increase profits.

We learn from the international top diesel hydraulic mobile crushing production technology, and launch the international technology and national brand of FTM Machinery mobile impact crushing with screen. According to the material type and requirements of customer, the China Fote Company mobile impact crushing and screening equipment can quickly change the field, thus saving installation and debugging time. Besides, it has the advantages of flexible combination of different applications, reduces operating costs and improvsg equipment utilization.

In addition, the mobile impact crushing and screening equipment can also optimize the equipment layout on the construction site, reduce the material backlog and processing cost. Mobile imapact crushing and screening equipment does not require a concrete foundation and a large number of steel structures and ancillary equipment. It can move flexibly so that the time, money, and labor force can be saved.
Rigid demands for aggregates

Rigid demands for aggregates

Customer solution—– road and bridge construction project

Equipment selection


Local use of rock and stone blocks

A large amount of crushed stones will be generated during the excavation
of road and bridage, tunnel, and foundation pit. The disposal of engineering wastes often requires a large amount of manpower transportation, which in turn leads to a series of problems like transportation costs, personnel costs, safety hazards and land occupation.

Aggregate broken in place

The crawler mobile crusher is more ad more applied in the field of aggregate, and has gradually replaced the fixed crusher in the developed countyies that has restrict demands on the environmental production.

The FTM938f1210 track mobile impact crushing and screening equipment used in the construction of Road and Bridge construction project has compact. The whole set of equipment is transported to the customer site and put into production within 3 hours. The reason why the customer chose the crawler impact crusher is that the production site of project is small and narrow. FTM Machinery’s crawler mobile impact crushing with screen can move flexibly according to different sites and material piles, which can remove the second transportion to save cost and consumption.

Efficient dust removal and environmentally friendly production

Under the presure of environmental protection, controling dust during the production is the key step. FTM mobile impact crushing plant with screen has been verified by more 100 production sites. During the design process, the dusting point is tightly closed, the water mist spraying system is set at the 3 dusting positions, and the dust emission is reduced by the effective water mist spraying.

Project application

In the road and bridge project, they use the FTM938f1210 mobile impact crusher with screen to process the stone material. The mobile impact crusher mainly used to crush the blasting stone during the process of road construction. Its high working effiency and quality construction help the customer successfully finish this project, and abtain certain economic benefits.

The main component of stone after blasting is limestone, and its feeding size is 500- 600mm, capacity is 200-250tph, and dischaging size is 0-5mm,5-10mm,10-20mm,20-31.5mm.
Finished materials with different sizes

Finished materials with different sizes

Advantages of FTM mobile impact crushing equipment with screen

FTM mobile impact crusher is a self-propelled crawler type impact crusher designed for large-scale operations. Its heavy-duty chassis is designed to move and withstand the toughest environments. It is the most flexible mobile impact crusher on the market and is suitable for demolition, field aggregates, construction waste recycling and quarrying. Mobile impact crusher with unmatched flexibility to work in primary and secondary applications. To maximize throughput and reduce wear and tear, pre-screening is available to maximize productivity.

Crawler impact crushing and screening with screen is not only flexible, but also can work under the bad environment. Crushers and screening systems enable customers to produce accurate products to meet customer needs for a higher return on investment. The mobile impact crusher has excellent versatility, with standard belt magnets, pre-screening machines and chassis feeders, so you can safely use mobile crushers to increase your operational efficiency.
Multi-machine joint operation

Multi-machine joint operation

FTM938f1210 crawler impact mobile crushing station for sale

The FTM938f1210 crawler impact mobile crushing station is designed for the purpose of quarrying, mining and solid waste recycling. Meanwhile, the FTM938F1214 crawler moving screening equipment at the end of this line,FTM938F1214 is the industry’s leading crawler mobile tilting screening equipment with first-class production level, the shortest installation time and the most convenient operation. Large-capacity belt feeders are equipped with remotely reversible grids or single/double vibrating grids. The new three-layer screening structure is fitted with three screens measuring 6.1m x 1.525m. The innovative hydraulic control system allows the four-stage conveyor belt to be easily positionally adjusted during stacking and feeding.

China Fote’s crawler mobile impact crushing equipment has large feeder port, equipting heavy duty counterplate and rugged rotor that is used to disposal large size stone materials to achieve the high crushing capacity. Simple hydraulically assisted adjustment of the counterplate device to facilitate plate hammer adjustment during construction operations. Unique wedge fastening system enhances reliability and simplifies maintenance. The primary counter-attack plate for the whole manganese steel casting, the adjustable head is used to ensure the long-term operation of the equipment in harsh environments. These characteristics indicate that the Henan Fote Mining Co,. Ltd. horizontal axis counter-crushing mainframe has the advantages of high output, low maintenance rate and long service life.

The crawler mobile impact crusher has help customers crush millions tones of aggregates until today. The selection of quarrying points and the nearby aggregate production and mixing have continued to provide a convenient and reliable material for on-site construction. Because the mobile equipment can drive to the vicinity of the tunnel for crushing and screening construction, the transportation distance of raw materials is greatly shortened, the transportation cost of materials and construction cost are reduced, and the project owner’s project profitability is improved.

Mobile impact crushing plant with screen site


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