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By: Ashley August 13, 2019 Last Updated :November 07, 2019

VSI Silica Sand Making Machine For Sale With The Capacity Of 450tph

Development status of sandstone aggregate

Sandstone is one of the important raw materials for infrastructure construction in China. With the depletion of domestic natural sand resources and the government’s efforts to control natural sand, the replacement of natural sand by artificial sand has become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry. At present, the sand industry is carrying out industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading around the production and application of value sandstone. With the development of infrastructure construction and the gradual strengthening of environmental protection, the amount of sandstone in many areas is increasingly reducing, even appearing the phenomenon of resource-free. Therefore, the contradiction between supply and demand for gravel is particularly prominent.

Sandstone aggregate

Quartz stone

Quartz stone is a silicate mineral with the property of hard, wear-resistant, chemically stable. Its main component is silica, which is an important industrial mineral raw material. The quartz stone is usually used in the industry of glass, building materials, ceramics and even the high-tech electronics industry after the process of crushing as well as sand making.

Comply with the trend of the times, FTM Machinery has also researched and manufactured the VSI sand maker. It is not only a model of professional crushing technology and mechanical manufacturing optimization but also the core equipment in the field of sand making and stone shaping. Besides, it has been more and more become the mainstream equipment for the fields of metal ore crushing, quartz sand production, and steel slag treatment.

The appliciatin of quartz stone aggregate

Customer cases

Granularity: 0-5mm、10-20mm、20-31.5mm
Related machines: vibrating feeder、jaw crusher、multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher、sand making machine、vibrating screen、two sand washers
Materials: Granite and limestone

Sand making machinery

User word of mouth

“Since we ordered VSI sand maker from Fote Machinery, the efficiency of entire project has increased by nearly 45%, and the failure rate is almost zero. Besides, the finished materials are perfect, which has completely beyonded my imagination.”

“I had ordered the equipment before. And I well knew the quality and after-service of Zhengzhou Fote company. The prospect of the project is broad. As the saying goes, good horses are equipped with good saddles. Correspondingly, good projects must be equipped with good machines. I believe in the FTM Machinery. Since we had purchased the equipment of Henan FTM mining machinery, the machine can work more than 14 hours a day, and the production of sand making machine can reach 500 tons per hour, which provides a strong material guarantee for the projects of our factory. People all said that it is the“sand artifact”of our project.”

The development of sand making machine from FTM Machinery

Fote machine has three kinds of sand making machinery, and they are respectively HX sand maker, VSI sand making machinery, HVI sand maker equipment. Their technological advancement is sorted from low to high.

Our company has introduced the principle and technology of the famous “stone to stone” crusher from American Barmac, combined with the actual situation of domestic sand production, and developed HX series of sand making machine into an internationally efficient high-efficiency gravel equipment. It is commonly used to process various of rock, abrasive, refractory, cement clinker, quartz, iron ore, and concrete aggregate, which is suitable for the buliding and road construction. HX vertical impact crusher consists of seven parts: feeding, distributor, vortex breaking chamber, impeller experience, spindle assembly, base transmission and motor.

HVI sand making machine is a new model in current sand making equipment. FTM Machinery has upgraded its sructure, and its work performance has been further improved. And the sand making machinery can also shape the finished materials.

VSI sand making machine is the model of professional fine crushing technology and machinery manufacturing. Its special rotor structure design, wear-resistant material process, crushing speed optimization and hydraulic design can provide highway, high-speed railway, high-rise building, municipal construction, hydropower dam construction and concrete mixing station high quality sand and gravel aggregate. It is the equipment in the field of artificial sand and stone shaping.

The three series of sand maker

Working principle of VSI sand making machinery

Material is put into the crusher via the feed hopper and will be scattered on the distribution tray through the bulk stock or bulk tray. Materials are divided into two parts by the distributor tray. After materials entering the high-speed rotating wheel from the middle of the distribution tray, they are rapidly accelerated in the wheel and then ejected from the wheel path at high speed. These materials are first broken with another part of the material falling around the distribution tray, and then impacted together on the material lining of the crushing chamber.

Those materials that are bounced are impacted diagonally upward to the top of the crushing cavity, changing the direction of downward movement and forming a continuous material curtain with the materials that are launched from the swinging channel. Through this way, the material will be crushed under the function of impacting, friction and grinding. The processed materials are put out from the case discharge hopper.

The guard is installed on the broken wall to protect the cabinet from being impacted and worn. The material is accelerated by the flywheel, about half of the particles get energy in the throwing wheel and then shock or rub with falling materials and linings or break up in high-speed impact with materials, which is called “stone beating stone”

Sand maker equipment working principle

How to configure the sand making production line to make money?

The cost of artificial sand making production line is very expensive. Therefore, users need to return cost as soon as possible. Then, how to configure the sand making production line reasonably? The key lies in the following points:

1.You should ensure that the sand making production line is reasonable. And the factors of characteristic of materials and environment should be considered together.

2.The type of equipment should be seriously chosen. The higher the equipment selection and material adaptability, the more the production line potential can be fully developed. And the capacity and quality can both be achieved.

3.Choosing a mining manufacturer with complete after-service is very important. The more perfect after-sales service, the less money will be spent.

4.Choose direct selling manufacturers, and directly purchase the machine you need from manufacturers, which will help you omit middlemen link, get more free preferential space, and save the cost of investment.

VSI sand maker machinery for sale in Zhengzhou FTM Machinery

If you are the one who has just contacted the sand making industry, the small and medium sand production line is prepare for you. In addition to the fixed sand making production line, you can also choose the small mobile production line. Single machine can be used as an integrated mobile sand production line. It can be transferred to the field at any time, and support front-line operations. It has low requirements for the operation site, and has good environmental adaptability, thus it is very suitable for many field operations.

How much is a whole mobile sand making station? Zhengzhou Fote Machinery owns various types of mobile sand makers. We can offer you the HVI、VSI、HX types of sand maker machine according to your needs. Besides, it can not only work singly but also support multi-unit joint production. Therefore, the mobile sand making the machine has a wider range so that can it can meet the requirements of sand making operations with different sizes. In addition to the diverse configuration of the mobile small sanding machine, there are different maneuvers available.

The price of mobile sand making machinery depends on the configuration you choose. The quotations range from hundreds of thousands to millions. FTM’s sand making machine for sale. If you want to know more, you can leave your message on our message board. We will arrange a profession engineer to make a plan for you.

With the continuous requirements on China’s infrastructure, the demands on the grain type and gradation of sandstone are correspondingly higher and higher, which means that the choice of sandstone aggregate will be also strict. Facing much numerous sand and gravel production equipment on the market, FTM Machinery has strong production, technical strength, and perfect after-sales service system. Fote machinery will guarantee the quality of the equipment.


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