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Air-Swept Coal Mill

Air-swept coal mill is also known as coal mill or pulverized coal making machine. It is a kind of grinding machine which can conduct both drying and grinding.
Capacity: 8-43TPH

The air-swept coal mill is the main equipment for the cement factory. It grinds the coal block into pulverized coal and is used to grind and dry various of hard coal. It’s important auxiliary equipment for pulverized coal furnace.

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What is the air-swept coal mill?

Air sweeping coal mill is a machine that grinds the coal block into pulverized coal and is a piece of important equipment for coal-powder furnaces. At the same time, it is the main equipment of coal powder preparation system, mainly used for grinding coal with various hardness, and suitable for the coal and ore raw materials powdering system in terms of cement plant, metallurgy, chemical, power plant, and other industries. The air swept coal mill is mainly composed of feed ingenuity device, main bearing, swing part, transmission device, coal mill hydraulic system and lubrication system. Coal milling projects are very important for cement plant production.

coal mill in power plant is applied to grind the coal material. When using pulverized coal as fuel in industrial rotary kiln, it is required that the fineness of pulverized coal is more than 85%, and the moisture is less than 2%. The air-swept coal mill is an ideal pulverized coal processing equipment that can be both finely ground and dried.

Air-swept coal mill specification

Features of Fote Air-swept Coal Mill

1.Optimize support systems, improve lubrication structure and reduce system resistance.
2.Reduce power consumption per unit and save 20-30% consumption of electricity.
3.Reasonable distribution of steel balls and barrel length increases capacity by 15%-25%. 4.The liner is made of new material, which increases wear resistance, extends its life, and reduces the number of equipment consumables replacement.
5.The inlet adopts the louver structure to enhance the heat exchange ability of the coal mill, and can effectively prevent the blocking phenomenon of coal mill import.
6.The use of advanced control system allows the air-swept coal mill to start-up and drive smoothly, obtaining better use results and high economic benefits.

Working principle of the air-swept coal mill

The coal mill working process is that the raw materials are delivered into the mill through and hot air goes into the mill through the air pipe. With the rotation of mill drum, coal and hot air greatly increase heat, meanwhile the coal is crushed and ground in the mill. While the coal is being crushed, fine powder was carried by the hot air out of the mill. Fote air-swept coal mill has reasonable structure and high grinding efficiency so that it is the ideal equipment for coal powder production.

Internal structure of the air-swept coal mill

Fote Machinery is a famous coal mill manufacturer in China. We have different air-swept coal mill specifications to meet customer’s needs. The products all have fabulous quality, perfect service, and reasonable price. You can leave a message or send us an e-mail to get more information about the equipment and our company. We will give you a reply as soon as possible.

Air-swept coal mill production site in India

Air-Swept Coal Mill Technical Parameter

Spec. (m)Item Φ1.7×2.5 Φ2.2×4.4 Φ2.4×4.75 Φ2.4×4.5+2 Φ2.6×5.25+2.25 Φ2.8×5+3 Φ3.0×6.5+2.5 Φ3.2×6.75+2 Φ3.4×6+3 Φ3.8×7+2.5
Speed(r/min) 24.5 22.4 20.4 20.4 19.7 18.3 18.3 16.9 17.5 16.4
Capacity(t/h) 3-5 8-9 12-14 11-12 13-14 16-17 19-20 25-30 28-30 38-40
Feeding Size(mm) <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25 <25
Grinding Media Loading(t) 7.5 20 22 22.5 28 32 43 50 55 80
Main Reducer ZD40 ZD60 ZD60 ZD60 ZD70
JDX560 JDX710 MBY800
Main Motor(kw) 95 250 280 315 400 500 630 710 800 1250
Weight(t) 29 46 54 76 98 107 124 148 162 215
Spec.(m) Item Capacity
Feeding Size
Φ1.7×2.5 3-5 <25
Φ2.2×4.4 8-9 <25
Φ2.4×4.75 12-14 <25
Φ2.4×4.5+2 11-12 <25
Φ2.6×5.25+2.25 13-14 <25
Φ2.8×5+3 16-17 <25
Φ3.0×6.5+2.5 19-20 <25
Φ3.2×6.75+2 27-29 <25
Φ3.4×6+3 28-30 <25
Φ3.8×7+2.5 38-40 <25

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