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Mobile Cone Crusher

Mobile cone crusher developed by FTM Machinery is a new kind of stone crushing equipment, being of integrated design, compact structure, high coordination, and good performance.

Mobile cone crusher developed by FTM Machinery is a new kind of stone crushing equipment, being of integrated design, compact structure, high coordination, and good performance.

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What is the mobile cone crusher?

Mobile cone crusher

Mobile cone crusher

Mobile cone crusher of FTM machinery mainly composed of feeder, chute, magnetic separator(optional), cone crusher, wheels or crawlers, etc, is widely used for secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores and rocks like Limestone, granite, river pebbles, iron ore, rock, construction waste, glass, cement clinker and certain metal. Cone crusher is the host system of mobile cone crusher and it can be freely matched with single-cylinder, multi-cylinder hydraulic, full hydraulic and spring devices. Based on that, mobile cone crusher is featured in integrated design, compact structure, high coordination and time-saving.

What is the difference between a cone crusher and a mobile cone crusher?

Cone crusher vs mobile cone crusher

Cone crusher vs mobile cone crusher

Common point:

Cone crushers and mobile cone crushers are available in using a variety of cone crushers, like the most popular star product: FTM Machinery Symons cone crusher. They can both be equipped with hydraulic protection system which can prevent the internal space from being damaged and worn out.

Performance advantages of mobile cone crushers:

Reliable structure and low failure rate. FTM Machinery cone crusher has a simple structure, is easy to operate and maintain. It is easy and convenient to adjust the discharging mouth. The maintenance work is time-saving and labor-saving. Especially, the lining plate is easy and rapid to be replaced, thus the downtime can be reduced.

Powerful crushing force and low energy consumption. Because of the combination of high-performance crushing chamber and high crushing frequency, cone crusher plant’s processing capacity is greatly improved.

Accompanying with the generator which can operate continuously with little energy consumption, FTM Machinery portable cone crusher can work normally under complex situation.

High flexibility and excellent grain size. Because of the laminating crushing theory, the finished products of cone crusher are most in cubic. More over, the needle-like finished products are rare to see.

Difference between simple cone crushing machine and mobile cone crushing machine:

The simple cone crusher is suitable for working under static condition, because it needs the ground pile to complete the whole work. Cone crusher can not work alone. More, it needs to use electricity for power. if it is constructed in a remote place like the mountain, once the electricity is cut off, its work will be influenced. The working limits of cone crusher are relatively more and it is not easy to move. Of course, the cone crusher prices are less than those of the mobile cone crushers.

The mobile cone crusher is an updated version of the cone crusher, the fighter of FTM crushers, which has greatly improved efficiency. Its reputation is spread all over the world. The mobile cone crusher is suitable for working in a dynamic condition, and it can be dragged away with a truck.

The equipment enjoys the feature with free movement, flexible transition and convenient operation. It does not injury the road surface, the raw materials do not need to be transported, and the floor space is small. It does not slip even in winter, and there is no need to hit the pile, the requirement for the workplace is not high.

Mobile cone crusher can use both electricity and oil to drive the equipment, and it can work normally even in bad weather. The FTM Machinery mobile cone crusher is equipped with a market-leading FTM hydraulic cone crusher, which as the main crusher on the crawler chassis. The unit is integrated and the combination is reasonable and compact.

Application range of mobile cone crushers

Application range of mobile cone crusher

Application range of mobile cone crusher

Mobile cone crusher is the equipment that mainly used in industries of metallurgy, building material, road construction, mineral and stone mining, chemical and hydrated silica, etc. It is suitable for crushing varies ofores and rocks with medium hardness and above.

How does the mobile cone crusher work?

Working principle of China cone crusher machine

The mobile cone crusher driver turns the horizontal countershaft. The pinion gear on the shaft rotates the eccentric gear and eccentric rotation causes the spindle and head to vibrate. The rock is firstly crushed between the mantle and the concaves and final crushing is finished in the parallel area, the larger materials need a long time to be crushed and squeezed.

By adjusting the space between the mantle and the concave at the closest point, we can control the gradation.If materials which can not be crushed enter into the chamber, hydraulic protection devices in mobile cone crusher will make them pass through and protect the inner space from being damaged. And, the devices will be automatically reset.

Product parameter

Model FTM3S185GYS300 FTM3S185GYS300 FTM3S216HP300
Transportation Length(mm) 14500 15000 16000
Weight(t) 34.5 49.5 41
Tyre Configuration tandem axle triaxial fitted triaxial fitted
Cone crusher GYS300 GYS40 HP300

Why not make a comparison to choose the better one?

Wheel-type mobile cone crusher VS Crawler-type mobile crusher

Comparison of two mobile crushing stations

Wheel-type mobile cone crusher VS Crawler-type mobile crusher

Mobile cone crusher launched by FTM Machinery can be classified into wheel-type and crawler-type mobile crushing stations.

Wheel-type mobile cone crusher has a high base plate. Whether for site transporting or for moving, it always needs the semi-trailer for traction. And the small turning radius makes it easier to drive on the flat places flexibly and does not damage the road surface. In a word, wheel-type mobile cone crusher is mostly used in flat quarry or construction site.

The crawler-type mobile cone crusher can drive themselves and by means of wireless remote control, it can be easily dragged to the trailer.

The crawler-type mobile cone crushe has high strength and low ground bearing pressure, which also has good trafficability and adaptability to mountain area, so it is often used for climbing mining or crushing.

Questions Frequently Asked About Mobile Cone Crusher

How to solve the problem that the oil temperature of the mobile cone crusher is too high?

High oil temperature of mobile cone crusher is caused by: the oil quality is low, or the oil is insufficient; the bearing is damaged; the ambient temperature is too high and there is no cooling water or the cooler is clogged.

Solution to high oil temperature: change oil, or refuel; replace the bearing; supply cooling water or increase the cooling water pressure; clean the cooler.

What do you think of the strong vibration of the mobile cone crusher?

The strong vibration are caused by: the equipment base is loose; non-crushed materials entering into the crushing chamber, the excessive material causes the crushing chamber to be blocked; the fitting is broken or worn out; the poor lubrication causes the main shaft to be wrapped by the bushing.

Suggested Solution: tightening bolt and pouring; controling the type of feed material, strictly prohibiting the entry of non-crushed materials; controling the amount of feed; stopping the equipment to check accessories; replacing the damaged parts, repairing the oil pump and pipeline.

Fote Crusher is currently the largest mining China cone crusher manufacturer, covering an area of 350,000 square kilometers, with more than 2,300 employees and branches throughout the country. Our philosophy is to continuously innovate, produce high quality products, do the best quality service, and bring the greatest benefit to customers. If you like our mobile cone crushing plant, you can leave message to us, or you can directly visit mobile cone crusher supplier, there are many mobile cone crushers for sale, crushing manufacture of FTM Machinery. Welcome to our company for consultation.

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