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Ball Mill Accessories

The Ball mill machine is the key equipment for grinding after raw materials are crushed. The steel ball media is the key part of it. China Fote’s ball mill balls are for sale.

The Ball mill machine is the key equipment for grinding after raw materials are crushed. The steel ball media is the key part of it. China Fote’s ball mill balls are for sale. Ball mill grinding machine is made up of cylinder, ball mill balls media, and gear.

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A Brief introduction to the ball mill

FTM high energy grinding machine is applied in the field of cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, non-ferrous metal dressings, and glass ceramics. It can grind many kinds of rocks and other abrasive materials in two ways. One is dry, another is wet grinding.

Ball mill accessories


The cylinder is one of the main working parts of the ball mill. When the cylinder is working, it not only bears the static load of material, but also impacted by them. Besides, it will have a cross effect since its round shape.

Therefore, it must have sufficient strength and stiffness. This requires the material manufactured the cylinder has high strength, good shape, good mechanical and industrial properties, so that the ball mill can work safely.

Cylinder of the ball mill

Ball mills grinding media

An Industry ball mill works mainly by collision and friction between steel balls and materials, between ball mill balls. Steel balls are a basic part of ball mill. FTM Machinery’s ball mill balls for sale. If you need, you can leave your message on our message board.

They are an important media for the ball mill grinding machine. Especially steel balls in the field of precision industry play a huge role in the development of the national economy, which are widely used in cement and power plant. Besides, the size range of ball mill balls are different and wide.

As the steel balls grind the materials, so they are also consumables. The ball mill can be loaded with multiple grinding media considering different grinding materials. For example, balls or steel bars can be loaded for iron ore; ceramic balls are loaded for the ceramic materials; antique gold ball mill balls can be loaded for the gold ore.
Three different kinds of ball mill media

Three different kinds of ball mill balls


Ball mill accessories include ball mill big gear, ball mill pinion, ball mill hollow shaft, ball mill ring gear, ball mill big ring gear, ball mill steel ball, ball mill compartment board, ball mill transmission, ball mill bearing, ball mill end lining, etc. While the ball mill media not only includes the hardened steel ball mill balls, but also the lead ball mill balls.

According to different working conditions of large gears, its materials are also different. The common materials are medium carbon structural steel, medium carbon alloy steel, carburized steel, and nitrided steel.

The structure of the large gear has various shapes due to different usage. The gear can be regarded as the constitution of the ring gear and wheel body. According to the distribution of teeth on the ring gear, it can be divided into straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth and so on.


Ball mill balls supplier

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