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By: Vaedy Xiao September 17, 2019 Last Updated :December 06, 2019

How to Make Annual Production of 3 Million Tons of Sand Making Production Line Design Efficiency and Reliable?

Granite is a kind of hard rock which is more common in production. This article takes granite as an example to introduce the planning, process design, equipment configuration and environmental protection of the sand making line with an annual output of 3 million tons. The design can also be used to crush other hard rock that is difficult to break, such as basalt, diabase, and andesite.

Materials of sand making production line

The raw materials suitable for processing the sand include mountain-type raw materials mainly composed of granite and limestone;river-type raw materials mainly composed of cobblestones. By the principle of comprehensive utilization of resources and local conditions, the sand materials selected in different places are not the same.

sand making production line working in Zambia

In general, granite is used as raw material processing mechanism sand which is also named artificial sand. The requirements for selecting mines are shallow coverage of raw material mines, compliance with various physical and chemical indicators, stable quality, large mineral reserves, and convenient transportation.

Sand making production scale

Since the new mine has a construction period of about one year, the general mine will have a small amount of blasting operation in the two years before mining, and the amount of stone that can be mined is limited. Two years later, as the mining operation surface becomes larger, the mining scale will also become larger, so it is controlled by an annual output of 1 million tons of sand and an annual output of 1 million tons of crushed stone in the 2 years before mining. After 2 years, it is adjusted to an annual output of 2 million tons of sand and an annual output of 1 million tons of crushed stone.

Sand product category

The products are mainly positioned as building stones and artificial sand. The specifications of building stones mainly include continuous grading and single grading products of 0 to 5 mm, 5 to 10 mm, 10 to 31.5 mm, and 31.5 to 60 mm.

The specifications of construction sand mainly include Class I and Class II sands of 0 to 4.5 mm. According to market demand, rough stones with a particle size of less than 800 mm and stone powders with a particle size of less than 0.075 mm can also be provided.

How to produce the manufactured-sand by sand maker?

At present, the sand making process is mainly based on dry and wet methods. There is also a semi-dry process of “first wet and then dry”. Combined with local environmental requirements, the dry production process is selected in most projects during which sand making machines are the necessary machine in the process.

Sand making process design

According to the characteristics of the granite, the process design is to be four-stage crushing, that is, primary crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing, and sand making. The first crush is open circuit production, and the mud removal facility is reserved; the medium crushing, fine crushing, sand making, and vibrating screen form a closed-loop production process to meet the needs of concrete aggregates of various grade ratios.

1.Mining and road expanding

In combination with the actual situation of the mine, the mine development method adopts the development plan of on-site road development and automobile transportation. The total length of the highway trunk line is about 1800m, and the ore is transported to the unloading platform of the crushing workshop.

2. Primary crushing and initial crushing yard

The raw materials less than 800mm are transported by car to the dumping pit and transported by the vibrating feeder with the screening device;
The material less than 150mm does not need to be broken, and falls directly onto the belt to enter the primary yard;
The material larger than 150mm is crushed by the jaw crusher (discharge port 150mm), then the crushed material enters the primary yard.

jaw crushers for sale at FTM Machinery

FTM jaw crusher usually used as the coarse crushing machine before sand makers

3.secondary crushing system and screening

The medium-crushing system is relatively flexible in an arrangement, and can be separated from the first-crushing system by the intermediate material library, and can be operated independently of each other. It can also be directly connected with the first-crushing system through the belt. But both arrangements have advantages and disadvantages.

The medium-crushing system in this project consists of a series of HP500 coarse cavity cones and a series of HP500 thin-cavity cones, which actually should be called twice or three times crushing process. The material can be filtered through a heavy-duty sieve before the second break, which can increase the output and reduce power consumption. The medium crushing system and the vibrating screen system have dust removing device.

The material of the primary yard of the project falls to the conveyor belt of the underground gallery through the vibrating feeder and is sent to a double-layer heavy-duty vibrating screen for pre-screening through the belt conveyor. The material less than 31.5mm is directly screened out into the cone discharge belt, which is larger than 31.5mm of material enters a coarse-cavity cone crusher. After the crushing and sieving, the material above 31.5mm enters a fine-cavity cone crusher to be further crushed.

The mixture after being crushed by two cone crushers enters two sets. The layer circular vibrating screen is sifted, and the material sieves of less than 31.5 mm are divided into three specifications of 0 to 5 mm, 5 to 13 mm, and 13 to 31.5 mm.

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sand makers can make your project more efficient and environmental friendly.

4. gravel storage

The three materials after the cone crushing and screening were transported through the belt into three 2500t around warehouses.

5.gravel distribution

The gravel is discharged from the bottom of the gravel storage tank through the arc valve into the belt and transported to two 300t gravel distribution warehouses, and loaded by the unloading device with the dust removal device.

6.Sand screening and stone powder sorting

The sand making equipment is arranged in 4 sets. The sorting device mainly uses the combined sorting machine. The content of stone powder in the sand is controlled at about 5%. Due to the dry process, to reduce dust in the distribution and transportation, the sand needs to be sprayed during the loading process. The sand making system, the vibrating screen system, and the sorting system have dust removing device.

The sand-making raw materials are mainly mixed materials of 0~5mm, 5~13mm and parts of 13~31.5mm. After being crushed into the sand making machine, they are transported by belt to enter the three-layer vibrating screen. The material larger than 5mm is returned to the sand making machine and continues to be crushed (also It can be sold as a finished stone, and the rest of the material is divided into 3 to 5 mm and less than 3 mm. The material less than 3mm is transported into the classifier by the belt conveyor, and the stone powder and sand are sorted, and the sorted sand and the 3~5mm material pre-screened out are mixed into the finished sand.

7.Sand storage and distribution

The finished sand is transported by belt into two finished product warehouses, and the stone powder is transported into a 2500t powder store through the hoist. The finished sand is discharged from the bottom of the sand storage tank through the arc valve into the belt and transported to two 300t sand distribution warehouses. After the water treatment, the finished product is delivered to the factory. The stone powder is delivered to the factory through cement bulk equipment.

8.Electrical control

The total installed capacity of the whole plant is 6500kW, all of which are 0.4kV equipment. The equipment is all three types of power load (except the computer system and fire protection are equipped with UPS for important equipment to ensure equipment safety), and the rest do not set security power.
There is 1 10kV substation in the factory, 10/0.4kV in the comprehensive building and 2 sets of 2000kVA transformers, providing low-voltage electricity, primary crushing in medium crushing, sand making, storage, distribution and pump house, office building, etc. The workshop is equipped with 10/0.4kV and 630kVA transformers.

9. Industrial TV monitoring and automation control

Remote video monitoring of the production line, automatic centralized control can effectively guarantee the continuous operation of the production line, reduce the number of operators, achieve energy saving, cost-saving, is the commonly used control method.

Environmental Issues

Due to the special requirements of environmental protection for the project, although the dry production method is used to solve the problem of sewage treatment, the dry production is easy to generate dust problems, and solving the dust problem.

  • 1.Adding a high-pressure spray system to reduce dust in the dumping pit and vibrating feeder;

  • 2.All mechanical equipment is operated in the closed workshop. All the belt conveyors are equipped with dust covers. All dust spots have dust removal devices, which can effectively solve the dust and noise problems.

  • 3.The material storage is stored in a circular warehouse, and the dust collector is arranged on the top of the warehouse.

  • 4.The factory product (mainly sand) sprays 5% water, which can effectively solve the dust problem generated during transportation and shipping;

  • 5.The whole plant was established according to “provincial green mines”, and reasonable planning, planting trees and lawns in large quantities.

sandmaking process in Zambia

sandmaking production line is crushing pebbles by cone crushers and sand making machines

In conclusion, the 3 million ton mechanism sand production line embodies the concept of “reliable, advanced, energy-saving and environmentally friendly”. The process flow of the front and back of the production line is smooth, the layout of the general plan is reasonable, and it has good flexibility. It can separate the crushed stone products of different specifications. It has good control of dust and noise and hopes to have certain reference value for colleagues and sand making enterprises.

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