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By: Ashley September 24, 2019 Last Updated :November 16, 2019

The Cost of Setting up a 100t/h Alluvial Gold Processing and Beneficiation Plant

Searching from the Alibaba, we can find that the 100t/h gold ore gravity separation plant price is from $ 6,000.00- $ 150,000. Then what’s the most used method for extracting alluvial gold ore? And what factors we (miners) should consider in designing the plant?

Gravity separation is one of the most ancient and general methods to extract gold ore. To the alluvial gold mine, the gold exists in the form of monomer native gold, with size larger than 16t/m³.

So, the most economical and effective way of mining alluvial gold is gravity separation. Alluvial gold mining equipment includes kinds of spiral chute, jigger, shaking table and centrifugal separator, etc.

Shaking table for gravity separation of Alluvial Gold Ore

The principle to extract alluvial gold is to use gravity separation way at the maximum degree, to recycle the gold and other ores from raw mine, then use the combination methods like gravity separation, flotation separation, amalgamation, magnetic separation or electrostatic separation to separate the gold with other minerals to realize the comprehensive recycling.

Ore Beneficiation Plant

Gold Ore Separation Methods

The alluvial gold mining is divided into processes of crushing, screening, de-sliming, etc.

Alluvial Gold Crushing and Screening Process

Much alluvial gold mine contains the mud pellets with size larger than 100mm sometimes. If these pellets are not crushed into pieces, they will be considered as the wastes during the screening process and discharged out finally.

Besides, these mud pellets can strongly adhere to the pebbles or river stones. If the gold crushing and screening plant build on ships, crushing and screening work will be done inside the circular rotary screen, which is equipped with the intermittent spiral angles. During the operation, water pressure inside the circular screen should be higher than 35KPa.

If the gold crushing and screening process occurs on land, FTM Machinery engineers suggest setting the washing bed. The alluvial gold crushing and screening work can at least discharge 20%-40% waste stones like pebbles, egg stones.

It is the necessary part for alluvial gold dressing work. According to the measuring data of gold strength in raw ore, the screening parameter should be confirmed reasonably. At present in China, the screen hole size is generally 10-20mm.

rotary screen

Rotary Drum Screen For alluvial Gold Extracting Plant

If we use the fixed spiral chutes to take the role of primary dressing, the screen hole size can be a little larger, but at most at 60mm. Screen method is different according to the setting place of alluvial gold processing machines, sieve screen. Vibrating screen is often used on land and circular drum screen on ships.

Water flushing on-screen can not only improve the screening efficiency but also can further crush the mud pellets. So, the screening work for the alluvial gold is water flushing.

The flushing volume is based on gold washing demands and should meet the requirements of next-stage dressing work for intensity. For example, if the next stage uses the spiral chute to realize the coarse extraction, water flushing volume should be 8-14 times of raw material capacity.

Water Flushing For Primary crushing and Screening

Alluvial Gold De-sliming Process

Material with a size smaller than 0.1mm in alluvial gold mine generally does not contain the gold concentrates. Gold ore with a size smaller than 0.1mm is generally named floating gold and it is difficult to be recycled during the extracting process.

For the ore slime with same size grade, it can threaten the normal dressing work. So, in the mining plant, miners need to do the de-sliming work. The often-used de-sliming equipment is a de-sliming hopper.

With regarding the spiral chute separator for alluvial gold mining, it allows a wide scope of gold ore size, and its processing capacity is high. So, spiral chute separator is not necessary for de-sliming process.
spiral chute separator

Spiral chute Separator for Alluvial Gold Gravity Mining

Alluvial gold separating process

It has been found that gravity separation is the most effective and economical way to process alluvial gold mine. According to the different grades of gold ore, machines used for gravity separation are various and should be used in combination way to effectively realize the gold separation.

To the recycling rate of the alluvial gold mine, it is 70-74% for two-stage spiral chutes, 75-80% for spiral chute (coarse dressing), jigger (scavenging), shaking table (tertiary dressing).
alluvial gold processing plant

alluvial gold processing plant

Except for the above points, FTM Machinery also suggests the following points miners should consider for processing work of alluvial gold.

1: As long as the situations of ore property and mining condition allow, miners should be more active in manufacturing finished gold products or semi-finished. By doing so, transportation and smelting cost can be saved.

2: To the gold ore beneficiation plant focusing on the flotation separation, miners should pay much attention to concentrate quality and grade. Based on this, miners can select the processes of milling and dressing in stages, de-sliming, etc. In the circuit between milling and grading, the miner can add the dressing equipment or start gold gravity separation before flotation.

3: For the complex gold mineral, especially polymetallic gold, miners should take the way of combined-separation like gravity separation, amalgamation, flotation, cyaniding, and roasting, etc. By doing so, gold ore and other metallic ores can be extracted out effectively.

4: To build the alluvial gold ore beneficiation plant, miners should consider the factors like scale, management, etc. For those large-scale mines, the processing work can be a little complex. For those small-size or medium-size mines, miners should workout measures in line with local conditions, make the best use of the advantages and bypass the disadvantages.

5: At any time, we should take the factors of three waste treatment and environmental protection into consideration. Besides, we should avoid taking the processes of greatly threatening environment and lacking environmental-friendly measures.


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